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Anyone got pregnant with very few periods???

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jusapea · 23/04/2006 10:07

Hi all, Im new to this site and hoping somebody can put me at ease! Been TTC since March 06, not long I know. Havent had a visit from AF since Jan 20th, but def not PG(have done enough tests to buy shares in local chemist!!). Have always had very irregular periods and just wanted to know if anyone has been in similar situation and has managed to conceive naturally? This is first time we have TTC

OP posts:
CristinaTheAstonishing · 23/04/2006 10:12

GPs won't usually refer you unless you've been ttc for 12-24 months. As you have irregular periods, however, your GP might want to refer you sooner (depending on your age etc).

PinkTulips · 23/04/2006 10:19

i've always had very irregular periods too, tried for 2 years for baby and when i eventually got preg with dd none of the tests came back pos, not even the hospital ones, i had all the symptoms though so in the end they did a scan thinking i'd miscarried and lo and behold there was dd 10 weeks old!

i was told at the time that irregular periods made it less likely for me to get preg and more likely i'd miscarry so i'd say they'd definitely refer you even though you haven't been trying long.

on a positive note though getting preg seemed to sort whatever was wrong with me out as i got preg with bump before having a single AF after dd's birth, we started trying quickly as we didn't think it would happen for ages!

jusapea · 23/04/2006 10:20

Thanks, I'm not too worried at the mo, as obviously its still very early days! Im 30 and DH is 37.

OP posts:
jalopy · 23/04/2006 10:22

My sister used to have irregular periods - say maybe 3 to 4 a year. She's got 4 children! Grin

jusapea · 23/04/2006 10:25

Pinktulips, did you have any treatment? Ive heard that the GP often prescribes clomid? Not sure I want to go with that or just keep fingers crossed and hope for some lucky times!

OP posts:
jusapea · 23/04/2006 10:26

Sounds like me jalopy! Apart from the four children!! Good to know that all is not lost though!!

OP posts:
babyfettle · 23/04/2006 10:27

Hi Jusapea

I've had irregular periods since they started when I was 11 (20 years ago now!). Was diagnosed with suspected PCOS, but they seemed to have cleared up following the birth of DD.

However, I conceived my DD (now 2) naturally after 1 year of not taking precautions, but not actively trying either followed by 1 year of actively trying! GP was quite understanding and refered us earlier than they would normally due to my irregular periods and DH had been through his side of the fertility testing IYKWIM and we just got an appointment with the local hospital assisted conception clinic the day I found out I was pg!

Have you thought about taking your basal body temperature to detemine when/if you are ovulating? It doesn't actually help with conceiving if you have irregular periods, as once your temp has shifted, it is too late to conceive that month, but I found it gave me confidence that I was actually ovulating once in a while and made knowing I was pregnant easier too, as my temp stayed up longer than 14 days. Also gave me some control over my life, as it gave me 14 days warning of AF (beforehand I had to go everywhere with sanitary protection (TMI, I know), as I never knew when it would arrive).

The 2nd time around I conceived after 10 months of TTC, but unfortunately lost it at 9 weeks. Just about to start TTC again, so fingers-crossed won't take quite as long as before (but at least I know I've managed to conceive twice now!).

BTW, best tip I've got, both times I conceived was following a relaxing, alcohol-fuelled holiday, when we weren't thinking about conceiving, just enjoying ourselves. think it took the pressure off both of us and it was fun tooWink.

jusapea · 23/04/2006 10:37

Thanks babyfettle. Its really great to know that we do actually have a chance of conceiving naturally.

I know this sounds like a stupid question, but can you ovulate without having AF? Think I know its not poss, but just wondered Blush

OP posts:
babyfettle · 23/04/2006 10:59

Not sure about that - don't think you can ovulate and then not get AF, but I think you can get AF without ovulating. I'm sure someone more medically experienced will be able to answer for certain!

Good luck!

PinkTulips · 23/04/2006 12:53

jusapea, no didn't have any treatment, both partner and i were very young so we were'nt too rushed iykwim. by trying i meant having lots of unprotected sex an hoping for the best but i knew if i went down the road of fertility monitoring or anything like that i'd go crazy. the only thing i've heard of in relation to treating irregular periods is the pill, which is of course no help to you when you're ttc!

Melpomene · 23/04/2006 13:32

I had very irregular periods all through my teens and early 20s (cycle varied from about 26 to 85 days). Then when I was 21 I went on the pill. 10 years later I came off the pill to TTC, and got pg in the first cycle!

After having dd1 I went on the mini pill. I didn't have AF until dd1 was 14 months old (extended breastfeeding). I had one AF, then came off the pill to TTC. I conceived after one more AF.

Good luck.

MeerkatsUnite · 23/04/2006 15:39


Irregular periods are often caused by hormonal imbalances. In this regard polycystic ovaries ot its related syndrome PCOS are common culprits. This ought to be checked out further especially as you have a history of irregular periods.

You ought to be referred to a gynae for further evaluation. Ask your GP to refer you.

Although clomid is often prescribed in such cases it is not a good idea for the GP to give it to you. This is because you should be monitored whilst on it (it is not suitable for all and if you arenot monitored there is no way of knowing whether it is working or not).

Socci · 23/04/2006 15:42

Yes I have a very irregular cycle and my dds were both conceived very quickly.

jampots · 23/04/2006 15:49

jusapea - before i became pregnant I had very irregular periods. typical cycle was 35-56 days and i have low progesterone apparently. I was told by the gynae I would need assistance to get pregnant.

In reality both of my children were ahem... accidents :)

jusapea · 23/04/2006 16:04

Thanks everyone for your messages Smile. I think for now we will just go with the flow and see what mother nature has in store for us!

MeerkatsUnite, thanks for your advice. I was checked out for PCOS about 4 years ago but apparently nothing wrong, so it seems Im just unexplainable!!!Grin

May see some of you on the PG threads soon!! Fingers crossed

OP posts:
MeerkatsUnite · 23/04/2006 16:38


Would not buy into the "unexplained" category. All this means is that so far they have failed to find out what is wrong. Is no diagnosis at all.
There is a cause for the irregularity - it is down to them to find out why.

Any tests done over six months ago should be discounted. A lot can happen in four years.

At the very least PCOS should be properly confirmed or ruled out. This should involve blood tests (normally an imabalnce between the levels of LH and FSH can be seen) and internal ultrasounds showing the state of the ovaries.

RedTartanLass · 23/04/2006 17:50

jusapea, I have 3 or 4 periods a year. My periods started when I was nearly 17. I also only have one fallopian tube.

I conceived my ds1 at 18, conceived and lost a baby at 32, and had to wait 7 years before falling with ds2 but only a year later for dd!!

So I'm not sure what I'm telling is good or bad news, because it took me so long to conceive in my 30s,but when I did 2 came along quickly!!

Celou · 02/05/2006 21:59

Before I started taking the pill (around 20 years old) my period was extremely erratic, and when I stopped the pill eight years later they started being erratic again. Sometimes I wouldn't have a period for 3 months, so after taking god knows how many pregnancy tests, I got fed up and just assumed that I couldn't fall pregnant. Nine months after stopping the pill (although not really "trying") I fell pregnant but didn't realize until the baby was 15 weeks (as I said, I'd given up with the pregnancy tests! And I'm not very big so I just put in down to getting older and not being able to shift weight as easily as before (I'm 30).) Blush Embarrassing I know! But I least I didn't have long to go!

My dd is 2 now and I'm trying again (really trying this time) and I stopped the pill last month. I have to say though after having dd my period is more regular than before, although quite a long cycle but I more or less get a period every month.I was due yesterday and nothing so far but I'm gonna wait to take a PT as my period can be so unpredictible.
By the way a couple of days after finding out I was pregnant I also had to phone and cancel an appointment to the fertility clinic I had for the next week!! They were really happy I'd cancelled when I told them the reason why!
One more quick note regarding PCOS. My GP originally thought I might have that, although not sure, but he told me that his wife suffered from the syndrome and then showed me a picture on his desk. On that picture was him and his wife.... and 5 kids!! So not to worry ! Good luck!

jusapea · 07/05/2006 17:39

Well it is now 105 days since the last day of my last AF and this is def the longest I have ever gone between cyclesSad.
Im not sure whether to go to the doc, as Im bit overweight and think that they would prob tell me to get skinny before looking into it a bit moreBlush.

Any advice would be much appreciated. TTC is starting to take over!!!!

OP posts:
trace2 · 07/05/2006 17:43

jusapea you need to see your gp, it could be pcos

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