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Could I be PG? What is going on?

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teacups · 23/04/2006 09:43

Morning all

Wonder if anyone has any advice... dd is now just 1 and I have had 3 periods since she was born. All were 23-28 day cycles. I was supposed to get AF on Thurs but nothing. No premenstrual signs etc, feel a bit constipated (sorry for TMI) but nothing else. I did a first response on Fri - BFN but nothing happened since then.

I am gong to have a mole removed from my leg on Tues. I have already had the biopsy and it's fine, but I have been told I will need quite a lot of pain killers afterwards. The scar will be quite long as it's on the shin and the skin isn't stretchy. As it's cosmetic, I don't have to have the op now and wouldn't if I were pg to avoid the painkillers and the anaesthetic during the first 12 weeks. It's a local anaesthetic, BTW.

So, should I test again? Should I still have the op even if no period? Am fretting a bit now. Is it worth going to the Dr's if no AF this time next week? What could have held it up???? Any advice welcome.

Many thanks

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teacups · 23/04/2006 09:44

Should add I am still BF, but never more than twice a day.

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PinkTulips · 23/04/2006 10:30

i got preg while bf without having any af since birth. pregnacy tests can be wrong, with dd none came up pos, not even hosp ones, and with bump the first response one was only very faint pos, even though i was 11 weeks when i tested. if you don't get your af i'd be very hesitant about having the op.

try using one of those clear blue digital tests, they're supposed to be very accurate.


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