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claireh11 · 22/04/2006 16:51


Hi just wondering if any of you out there have been through a vasectomy reversal with your other halfs as me and dh looking into it as he had one after our ds was born, who is now 3 yo and I desperately want another baby. Sounds bit weird asking but if yo dont ask you dont get the info.


OP posts:
sparkler1 · 22/04/2006 17:04

Chance to get my dh to get one done in the first place would be a good thing. Smile
Unable to give you any answers to help but bumping for you.

BeckiF · 22/04/2006 17:36

Yes, my other half had the reversal. It is a more intrusive op and his was done under a general. The time between having the vasectomy and the reversal can make a difference to the success but DON'T LET THE DOCTORS TELL YOU THERE IS NOTHING TO BE DONE ABOUT HELPING AND INCREASING SPERM PRODUCTION. It was almost ten years between DP having the initial op and then the reversal. Initially the sperm were non active and of no use. However, he is a body builder and a personal trainer with much knowledge on male fertility matters. Anyway, the upshot is that we now have 28 straws of wrigglers on ice! One other thing that we feel helped is that after the op they told us to abstain for 4 weeks!! DP is a highly sexed guy and he came out of hospital on the Wednesday and we tried it out on the Sunday! We feel that this kept the tubes clear and open and perhaps helped stop build up of scar tissue. Anyway, that's my story! Feel free to ask any more questions!

claireh11 · 22/04/2006 19:55

Thanks both of you. yes it has only been 2 years since he had it done so I know chances are quite good (stupid male selfish decision in first place) and we are saving for it at moment as cheapest Ive been quoted is £1600 via BUPA.

OP posts:
BeckiF · 22/04/2006 21:32

We were lucky enough to get it done through the NHS, have you tried this route? Think he was crazy to have it done in the first place! I'd never ever want a partner to have it done! Same as you, I think some guys see it as the easier option without really ever thinking of the full consequences. I wish you both luck!

claireh11 · 23/04/2006 09:16

ooh how did you get it done on the nhs? The thing is he is 40 and I'm 27. We have one ds together who as Ive said is 3, but he has 16 yo twin girls from first marriage. Dont think we would still qualify for nhs treatment do you?

OP posts:
BeckiF · 23/04/2006 12:20

Ah then orobably not as you have a child from within your realtionship. We qualified as we have no children in our relationship and I have not had any. It's worth asking the question though!

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