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v.quick question please!! re Persona monitor

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pussycatmomma · 22/04/2006 09:58

i bought my monitor second hand and as such it didnt have the very full instruction leaflet. Have looked on-line and tried archives but cant seem to come up with anything. Am worried i may miss egg sign, last month egg sign on day 10 & 11, today (day 9) machine requested wee stick, but then a number 3 plus the little book sign and brush sign came up. Anyone know??? thanks x x

OP posts:
Munz · 22/04/2006 10:12

I think that one means you need to clean the bit where u put the stick. try giving it a bit of a clean with some water and see what happens, it should be fine straioght away.

pussycatmomma · 22/04/2006 10:20

Thanx munz , but now the yellow light has stopped and machine seems to have decided it is a red day anyway, and not asking for a another stick. any ideas?

OP posts:
peachygirl · 22/04/2006 19:43

Hi pussycat it is asking you to clean it when the brush comes up.
You need to use a cotton bud dampened with cold water and gently clean the test stick slot by wiping inside it.

Munz · 23/04/2006 19:42

yopu probably missed your window for that day, try again tomorrow when you see the yellow light.

good luck with getting the 'o' this month.

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