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bf and conception

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verymixedfeelings · 16/04/2006 01:20

Did the deed without contraception. Am broody as hell but now have very mixed feelings about being pg.
ds is 11 months old and bf several times a day and several times at night, but I got my periods back when he was 6mo and had an internal scan at the gyn last month (as part of a check-up) where he said he could see a follicle or whatever it's called - ie I appear to be ovulating. My cycle varies from 23 to 29 days, tends to be around 26, did it on day 14. Anyone know how likely a pregnancy is under these circs?
Am a regular but a bit Blush.

OP posts:
rubles · 16/04/2006 08:43

It sounds a very distinct possibility, as you are aware I am sure.
I think it is perfectly normal to panic and have mixed feelings at this stage. When it's your second you know what lies ahead and that particularly applies when your first is still very young.

compo · 16/04/2006 09:07

oops Grin I thin it's very likely too but you might be okay... all you can do is wait til your due and do a pregnancy test!!

verymixedfeelings · 16/04/2006 16:56

thanks - arghh Blush Was wondering whether the bf might influence the hormones to prevent a successful pg.
Don't feel I've conceived iyswim - been rushing around today and it seems a bit unreal.

OP posts:
bobblehead · 16/04/2006 17:04

If you're periods you're ovulating breastfeeding shouldn't make any difference once you've conceived. Remember that given all the right circumstances I think its only something like a 25% chance of getting pg each month (I think- or am I making that up!Grin) Bet you get af or bfn in a couple of weeks and are really disappointed!

bobblehead · 16/04/2006 17:04

Sorry, that should say if you're periods are regular and you are ovulating!

verymixedfeelings · 02/05/2006 13:54

Thanks again for answers. Update:
Am on cd29, no period, bfn yesterday. We didn't have unprotected sex before or since and I am never later than 29 days - the only time I was was after a m/c and that was 30 days. So I must have ovulated around cd 1^4-15, which means if I was pg I'd have a bfp by now, surely? Whaddya think - pg or no?

OP posts:
verymixedfeelings · 02/05/2006 13:55

btw fear is the dominant emotion atm! Blush

OP posts:
bobblehead · 02/05/2006 14:11

What test did you use? Do you have any symptoms?
I would think you are probably ok and stress will very likely make you late.

Good luck and keep us posted!Smile

fennel · 02/05/2006 14:13

i got pregnant while breastfeeding, i was trying but it was really easy. if you are fit and healthy and, ahem, if your body is not undernourrished, you can very easily get pregnant while breastfeeding. it's only a good contraceptive if you aren't getting much food yourself.

bobblehead · 02/05/2006 14:18

I am extremely fit and healthy and not undernourished but have not had a period whilst breastfeeding so finding it very hard to conceive!!!!!!

fennel · 02/05/2006 14:23

sorry, i didn't mean to imply it was easy to get pregnant while breastfeeding. just that bf in itself is not effective as a contraception, especially for healthy well-nourished western women.

bobblehead · 02/05/2006 14:28

Especially when they don't want to be pregnantGrin.

verymixedfeelings · 04/05/2006 12:42


Period arrived Tuesday night.

Thanks all for replying. :)

OP posts:
bobblehead · 04/05/2006 14:29
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