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C-section with 1st , does it delay conception of 2nd baby?

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nicky111 · 15/04/2006 21:11

have been ttc for about a year following emergency section in July 2004. My cycle is still erratic. doctor tested me for thyroid, PCOS and diabetes at Christmas and those tests came back clear. She said it could be the c-section and 8 months brestfeeding that has put my cycle out of whack...are there any other tests I shoukld have? Would clomid help?

OP posts:
ShouldKnowByFriday · 15/04/2006 21:16

What about taking eve prim oil to get your cycle back on track? Had elective c section with first and got preg when dd was 4 mths. I am trying now for No 3 and was told before I had all the fsh tests on day 3 and 4 that it could be due to scar tissue but that it was very unlikely. My tests did come back with lower egg reserve due to my age (over 40) and not because of c section.

Tried for No 3 when DS was 6 mths and have been trying ever since. I am now taking clomid, next month will be my second, but I think you need to get your cycle back on track and maybe improve your diet if need be? I had really long cycles before taking eve prim oil (500mg x 3 per day) and it really helped with getting my cycle back to 32 - 34 days instead of 46+ days.

TuttiFrutti · 16/04/2006 10:35

Have you thought about consulting a nutritionist? I went to see one for the first time ever 2 weeks ago, and it was a revelation - foods you think of as "healthy" might not be healthy for you. Your cycle will be heavily influenced by what you eat and drink, especially coffee.

I don't think c-sections on their own can delay conception, but the reasons for having one can do.

Debbsy · 16/04/2006 10:38

i would try reflexology it worked for me after 2 yrs trying 7 weeks pregnant now hth good luck.

mears · 16/04/2006 10:39

nicky111 - there is research evidence to suggest that c-sections can lead to delayed conception next time round. That is one of the reasons that there are endeavours to get the section rate reduced.

That said, I didn't have a section but took almost a year to concieve number 2. By the sounds of it your periods have not returned properly? I Breastfeeding that long ago will have no influence on your periods now. I would ask for referral to gynaecologist.

MeerkatsUnite · 16/04/2006 11:13

I would echo what Mears has stated - ask for a referral to a gynae.

With regards to PCOS the GP needs to compare the level of LH tested against that of FSH. If this was not done then the test is meaningless. Some docs just look at levels of LH and FSH separately without comparing the levels thus any abnormal imbalance gets missed.

nicky111 · 17/04/2006 13:00

thankyou for your advice - I will definitely start with the evening primrose oil and cut down on the tea (six cups a day at the moment) otherwise I think my diet is reasonably healthy and have started regular exercise to lose a few pounds- i am about 7 pounds overweight..i think I will go back to my GP if that doesn't work in the next few months.. I live ion Glasgow, does anyone know if it is easy to see a gynaecologist there?

OP posts:
nicky111 · 17/04/2006 13:28

also - have always suspected I may have PCOS as periods were irregular (although not as bad as now) and I have problem skin sometimes etc. had long cycles althoygh last year I had three periods in eight months!

OP posts:
CarolinaMooncup · 17/04/2006 13:38

nicky, I had pcos before ds was born with not many obvious symptoms (although some spots around my jaw and quite a few on my back/shoulders). My GP referred me for an ultrasound scan to look at my ovaries and it showed the "pearl-necklace" effect that is characteristic of pcos.

The gynae consultant I was referred to used that as the basis for diagnosing it as pcos. I'd seen his registrar and SHO at the previous appt and they really had no clue - they saw the scan results but thought that because I wasn't overweight or v hairy it couldn't be pcos Angry.

Can you get your GP to refer you for a scan of your ovaries to try and rule out pcos at least?

mears · 17/04/2006 13:45

No problem for Gynae referral in Glasgow. Only thing will be waiting for appointment - can be a bit of a wait depending on reason for referral. GPs are not experts. Talk to your GP and see what they can or cannot do for you. They will pass on your referral to hospital.

Uwila · 18/04/2006 09:11

I've been told that it is a myth that sections effect your ability to get pregnant again. There seems to be conflicting views in the medical world on this topic.

I could understand that if the egg tries to implant on top of the scar then possibly that would not be successfeul. But I'm really rather sceptical that a section can "put [one's] cylce out of whack."

I think you should definately ask for a referral, especially since you might have to wait a while for the appointment.

moyasmum · 18/04/2006 09:33

Agree with Uwila from my own experience of conceiving after c-section

TuttiFrutti · 18/04/2006 09:54

I agree. There is evidence that slightly fewer women who had C-sections go on to have more children, but no evidence for the reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is probably that a lot of those women will have had a bad experience of childbirth, and can't face doing it again.

nicky111 · 25/04/2006 19:16

hello am rather embarrased to report that depite dodgy cycle etc am pregnant. It was a total shock, (but a nice one). Only thing is I can't remember when my last period was....but oh well. thanks very much for your advice.

OP posts:
compo · 25/04/2006 19:17

congratualtions Smile

TuttiFrutti · 25/04/2006 19:32

Fantastic news Nicky!!! Congratulations!

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