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Dare I do a test and set myself up once more for heartbreak?

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BeckiF · 03/01/2004 16:08

I am a PCOS sufferer taking Metformin for my condition and of course, desperate to get pg. Must of spent a fortune on tests over the years. Last 2 cycles both 68 days and I am currently on day 84. Did a test at day 69 which was negative (of course, they always are!). Now I don't know whether to do a test or just wait and wait as usual. Not really got any symptoms, a little period type cramp but nothing like the norm. Boobs are just a weeny bit tender .... I just wanted to know if any of you are suffereing with PCOS and are in the same position? I think that I'll not bother really and spend the money on something more pleasureable!!

OP posts:

emmatmg · 03/01/2004 17:48

I'm not an expert on PCOS by any means but an 89 day cycle seems way too long to me and thats about all I know about the causes long cycles(sorry for being so crap) Have you had them this long before?
I would absolutley definatley test if this is the longest you've had.

Good luck, I'll keep my fingers, toes etc etc etc all crossed for you.


BeckiF · 03/01/2004 18:51

Thanks for your input. Before starting Metformin my cycles could be anything upto 219 days! So the 2 at 68 days were like regular to me! This one at 84 is either my system rebelling and reverting or just another stretch in the life of a PCOS sufferer. The chances of me actually being pg as as small as my chances of being the only winner on a rollover week! None the less, to satisy my own curiosity I will probably test tomorrow.

OP posts:

gingernut · 03/01/2004 19:07

BeckiF, I seem to remember dot1 who sometimes posts on here was taking metformin, presumably for the same condition, and she did get pregnant so it may be worth doing a search on her name to see if you can find any useful information.

BTW, you can get cheap pregnancy tests on the net and although they are not supposed to be as sensitive as the more expensive ones it could save you some money at least.

HTH and good luck.


MammyShirl · 03/01/2004 19:10

dont forget to let us know - goodluck!


emmatmg · 03/01/2004 19:49

219 days!!!!! OH MY GOD, I'm not surprised you're not excited about testing.

Look farward to hearing some news........fingers even more tightly crossed.


emmatmg · 03/01/2004 19:49

fOrward even


BeckiF · 03/01/2004 20:01

Exactly Emma! It's as hard as a hard thing to try and keep a tag on what's going on! This is one of the reasons I get so upset! A 'normal' lady has 12 chances a year to try for a baby! I'm entirey in the dark! The ovulation predictors would cost me a fortune and the electronic ones would never work anyway. Besides, all my consultants have told me that just because you have a bleed it doesn't mean you have ovulated, and vice versa, you could ovulate and not bleed! The female body is a queer and wonderful place!

OP posts:

twiglett · 03/01/2004 22:33

message withdrawn


BeckiF · 03/01/2004 22:44

LOL ....I've often thought of that myself ... "Your last period was HOW long ago? You must be due NOW then"!!!

Hopefully as soon as I drop a few more stone, if I'm not pg naturally then I'm all set, drugs waiting, for 2 courses IVF gratis the NHS (after a long, long, long battle!)

2004 will either be full of joy or sorrow for me!

OP posts:

Levanna · 04/01/2004 00:43

Hi BeckyF, I've got PCOS too, and I think I can understand some of what you are going through. The day before my wedding, a consultant told my DH and I that we would not concieve without help.....when we arrived back from honeymoon, we found we were expecting, and in fact had been at the time of the consultants voice of doom! What with 6 month cycles, regular tenderness and bloating, I found myself regularly doing pg tests, just on the off chance. I must have spent a fortune! Then I read elsewhere (sorry, can't remember who) on here, last night, that this ladys GP gave her some of the testing strips they use in the surgeries. Maybe your GP will be sympathetic? In fact, now I think of it, I'm sure I know someone who purchased a box of them from the pharmacy! (Must work out cheaper in the long run!) I'm pregnant again now (with the help of clomid), and due in August.
I'll be thinking of you, good luck .


hana · 04/01/2004 15:08

BeckiF - what an awful thing and the waiting...and waiting. Hope that 2004 will be your special year. Good luck with it all.


BeckiF · 04/01/2004 17:34

It's nice to hear of the success stories! We are on a double negative mission as dp had a vasectomy reversed near on two years ago! We DO have many straws of wrigglers in the deep freeze (so it did work to a degree - long story!) awaiting the IVF, but we still hope upon hope to do it the natural way. It's not having that special time between you both when you first find out, maybe at home, and you live in the glow for a few days before telling anyone else. For us, we probably won't even BE there when our children are conceived if we use the IVF route. How strange is THAT?!

It IS hard to stay positive, but having such a wonderful and understanding partner makes it easier.

OP posts:

popsycal · 04/01/2004 18:49

Good luck, Becki


Levanna · 04/01/2004 23:27

Straws of wrigglers, heehee. Sorry for giggling, it just reminds me of when my husband had to be tested before they'd consent to my treatment (the hosp), he had to provide a sample (which I'd practically volunteered he'd do there and then, poor man!) and wouldn't let me kiss him before he went into the loos in case someone guessed! Then dived (not particularly surreptitiously) loowards!

I know what you mean about preffering to do it naturally, for me, when the consultant said we wouldn't, I remember feeling so indignant! - 'I am a lady! OF COURSE I can conceive! How dare you suggest I might need help with something so , well, natural!' Is what was running through my mind ! But, I'm happy to say, I'm enjoying this pregnancy just as much as the last time. I know our fertility treatments are very different, but by nature, clomid or IVF, we'll each have beautiful babies 9 months later .

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