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Implantation bleed or falling to pieces?

7 replies

willow2 · 29/12/2003 21:49

OK, to quickly bring you up to speed, hormones are up the creek, cycle is up the creek (was anything between 22 and 25 days but last three have been between seven and eight weeks)and basically been told that if we want another kid we should get cracking. Now five weeks since last period but yesterday noticed very slight pink bleeding. Definitely nothing like normal period. Any ideas?

OP posts:

melliek · 29/12/2003 22:18

I don't know about you but the past 3 cys I have spotted off and on for 7-4 days before AF. The first time that it happened to me I thought that it was implantation but it didn't turn out that way. Now, you never know, if you normally don't spot then it very well could be that you are preg's! I would take a test just for fun -.Good luck to you and my fingers are crossed!


bossykate · 30/12/2003 08:27

i agree - take a test. good luck!


CountessDingDongDrac · 30/12/2003 17:20

So does this mean that you do want another kid?! Go on, test - dying to know!

ps fancy a beer before you do test?


bossykate · 30/12/2003 18:17

yes, go for a beer or two before you test! and have a fag while you're at it...


fisil · 30/12/2003 18:53

Ooh, I didn't know you were up for another one. I'm very excited.

Test, test, test.

Are you still trying, CD, or are you waiting for the GF to go?

Let's all get on maternity leave together, dump the big ones in nursery and go shopping all day every day!


willow2 · 30/12/2003 21:23

Not sure that you could classify it as "trying" - more leaving it up to fate. But don't think I am -reckon it's just a decidedly odd period Also, am loathe to waste more money on tests so think I'll leave it for a few more days. Bring on the beer.

OP posts:

silvershoes · 30/12/2003 22:05

Hiya willow, i just posted similar thing on my thread, i got discharge with blood bits which i suppose can be considered pink. i did a test today but was neg. i dont get it! Is about five weeks since my last AF too. Im leaving it for a few days as well as i cant afford anymore tests at moment. Think im getting flu slowly though, could be that that is making my body play silly bu*rs!

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