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Am I or am I not?

12 replies

Zora · 23/12/2003 01:53

My period is one week late.
Our condom came out with a little hole on the side. I thought they were reliable.
On the whole my period is regular so am I or am I not?
We had sex 13 days after my last period. My cicle is more less 29/30 days long.
What do you think?
I don't feel pregnant. I don't fell it at all?
So where is my period?

OP posts:

TinselDragon · 23/12/2003 08:11

My gut feeling would be yes but you need to do a test to know for certain.


alohappychristmas · 23/12/2003 09:36

It's certainly possible. Condoms can disintegrate in sex IME! I never 'felt' pregnant ever - ie no sickness etc. The only way to know for certain is a test. Off you go!


bossybaubles · 23/12/2003 13:11

btw for anyone who has a condom failure and doesn't want to become pregnant, remember you can get the morning after pill up to 72 hours later.

zora, i hope you get the result you're looking for. good luck.


Zora · 24/12/2003 16:50

I still don,t have it. I am afraid to do the test. I am waiting....
Has anyone got any past with broken condoms?

OP posts:

Lisa78 · 24/12/2003 17:24

And an IUD fitted for up to 5 days


Demented · 25/12/2003 16:59

I have survived a condom failure but my period wasn't late, but then I would like another.

Oh dear, I've had too much wine!


libb · 26/12/2003 23:17


Have you done the test yet? I hope you were okay over Christmas and not worrying too much . . .

I know how it feels to be wondering "what if". In my case there is definitely no "what if" about it - I am nearly 21 weeks pregnant after just one incident. The first I knew about it was the obvious missing period, sore boobs and headaches.

Let us know how you are getting on, I understand the vast number of emotions you must be going through so please keep posting. There are many reassuring threads on this site so don't hesitate to keep in touch.

Love, Libb xx


Zora · 27/12/2003 01:39

Yes I am. The test is positive. What I am going to do?

OP posts:

verysadmum · 27/12/2003 01:41

Have a baby? At a guess...

I take it it's not happy news?


verysadmum · 27/12/2003 01:44

Just did a search on you and I can see it's not..

You actually posted on my other thread too - you know the one.

Zora, what are your thoughts?

Me xx


Zora · 27/12/2003 04:42


What can I say.
I can't understand why some women get pregnant straight away without any effort and some must go through so much to have that very much wanted baby. Isn't it unfare?

OP posts:

libb · 27/12/2003 09:41

Hi Zora,

Are you okay? I hope you don't mind but I also read back on some threads just to get a gist of where you're coming from . . .

It does seem unfair that some of us concieve just like that whilst others try so hard, have you told your partner? how will he take it?

I am like you in that I am not the most thrilled mum to be and it can be so hard when everyone thinks you should be. My partner is only just coming round to the idea too. I'm not being very useful am I? I wish I could find the right words to make this feel easier for you.

Please let us know how you are, I thinking of you as it all seems so familiar . . .

Love, Libb xx

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