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spotting before AF

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melliek · 21/12/2003 00:05

Hi all....since my m/c and d&c 3 cys ago a week before AF is due I will start to spot. I am a bang on for a 28 day cy. This time I am not due until the 25th but it started yesterday and it was very red so it was new blood. I am wondering if something is wrong with me, mabey from the d&c? Help please!!

OP posts:

bluestar · 21/12/2003 16:24

melliek, since having a mc in July, I too now spot about 3 days before af and my cycles have been irregular. Perhaps you have just had a shorter cycle this month? Maybe worth seeing your doctor to check things out if you are worried.


XmasQuackers · 21/12/2003 21:50

Melliek, your m/c wasn't that long ago was it?? I know my cycles took a while to get back to normal, I had spotting for about 3 days before AF and then after stopping AF would have more. It was frustrating. It did reaolve after a little while, but maybe see your Doc if you are worried. Your body does take a while to get back to normal. Give it chance to heal and find it's reset button. Look here for some very reassuring info! Try and look at all the links on the left.
Love Q.xxxx


melliek · 21/12/2003 23:30

HI have you been feeling?! Good I am hoping! I have been away for awhile to try to get clear headed.

Along with my spotting I have been getting funny pains too. The best way to describe it is like a really sharp tingling pain always on my left lower side where my ovaries are. Not cramping but like little shocks almost and it stops once AF is here. Any thoughts on that??

OP posts:

XmasQuackers · 22/12/2003 09:25

Yep, iI had that and still do sometimes, especially before AF!! I felt it exactly where the baby was implanted and the Doc told me it's really raw there for a while as they do embed themselves quite deeply. It seemed to twinge there and I would get the spotting. It didn't go after the first m/c and I tried to conceive anyway. When I was scanned the embryo had passed over the raw bit the sonographer said and settled really low in the womb. I lost that one too but she said about a third of pgcies settle low down and most have no probs so I don't entirely blame the first m/c for it. I waited 4 months this time and the twinging stopped and also the spotting before AF and so far all is well this time. HTH you. Never know if I'm giving too much detail sometimes. If the bleeding is worrying you, go and see the Doc. Take care xxx


bunny2 · 22/12/2003 19:34

Hi Melliek, funny, I was going to post a very similar question. I have been spotting for over a week and finally got AF today. I am not too worried, I think things just need time to settle. B


melliek · 23/12/2003 14:36

Well, it's good to know that others have gone through the same thing, especially the twinging feeling. This is the first month since the m/c that I actually had cramping when AF finally did start so I guess my cervix is still healing. One thing that I did notice too is that my bleeding is very heavy, i have never bled like this before, mind you I was always on b/c too.
How are you doing Bunny?? Are things getting any easier for you, I know that one does not forget but time does heal all wounds.
I find it hard when all of my customers(I am a hairstylist) come in and always ask, 'are you pregnant yet' feel like saying "do I look it! Leave me alone!"

OP posts:

bunny2 · 23/12/2003 21:00

Hi Melliek, good to hear from you. Yes, things are looking better, I have just had some blood tests and looking forward to trying again. Have a great Christmas Melliek, and a fab 2004 for both of us.

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