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Could this be an early symptom?

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pixietoes · 18/12/2003 21:58

At day 21 of my usually irregular long cycles could lots of mucus for four days be an early sign of conception? Is this known as a sign? Could people post their other early symptons before missed AF too? Thanks.

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themerrydoula · 18/12/2003 22:00

I would not have thought that was a sign but i may be wrong... a common sign is tender breasts though


pixietoes · 18/12/2003 22:08

I have got slightly sore boobs but always do before my AF is due I have had stomach cramps on and off too for couple of days but wouldnt say it was painful. I might be reading too much into it!

OP posts:

chocolatebrazilnut · 18/12/2003 22:08

It could be a sign that you are about to ovulate (is the mucus clear and stretchy?).


pixietoes · 18/12/2003 22:14

This is foul but you asked! Its just thick and lots of it! Not what is described as egg white as on other postings.

OP posts:

pixietoes · 18/12/2003 22:21

Ive got a hunch that im not pregnant as think i would be feeling different. Its just good to get other peoples opinions. I think it is likely that i could be ovulating now.

OP posts:

chocolatebrazilnut · 18/12/2003 22:28

I didn't notice any symptoms before AF was due. First symptom I noticed was sore boobs I think, this was about the time AF was due or just afterwards.

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