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anyone got advice on my last posting on the "how soon can i conceive after first day of P"?

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cotton03 · 16/12/2003 22:58

Anyone got any advice?

OP posts:

hana · 17/12/2003 00:19

I didn't read your other posting - but it helps if you know how long your cycle is and whereabout in the cycle that you are ovulating. In a 'average' cycle of 28 days, you would ovulate at around day 14 -so have sex just before and durig that day. I have just starting to 'temp' so that I will be able to tell when I am ovulating or not........checking your cervical mucous and the consistancy also helps - read some old threads to get some tips
I would think that if your periods are fairly regular, have sex every other day between day 10 and day 16 to cover all bases. Good luck!

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