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how soon can you conceive after the 1st day of your period?

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cotton03 · 10/12/2003 18:45

i have long cycles up to 40 days and last one was 32. How soon would it be possible to conceive, im on day 14 of my cycle and had a lot of mucus 2day and yester. could i have conceived on the 7th dec or is that too early?

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tinyfeet · 10/12/2003 18:51

It's possible - you may want to get an ovulation predictor kit (opk). I think you call it Persona there? It all depends on when you ovulate, which is usually smack in between the first days of your period.


cotton03 · 10/12/2003 19:00

i think it does all vary from person to person a great deal. i find this 'ovulating' info hard to understand. ive read other threads that talk about mucus etc and some people say that ovulation takes places 12days after 1st day of period. hmmm im not sure.

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quackers · 10/12/2003 20:08

Everyone is diff cotton 3. It's generally 14 days before the start of your period! Hard to guage I know. OPK' are very useful although you may need a couple of packas at first!
Also temp charting. Read it all on and download handbook on ttc, it's very useful. Persona would be no good for you as your cycles are little longer than they can do. HTHXX


Popsycal · 10/12/2003 20:13

however, some one i know conceived during her period......


aloha · 10/12/2003 21:02

My friend just called me to say she's pg again - conceived on the last day of her period....


cotton03 · 10/12/2003 22:03

I guess i just have to wait and see, i'll keep u posted. thanks 4 all your replies

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kittie · 14/12/2003 18:56

Is it possiable to conceive the day after your period has finished. What are the chances of this happening does anyone know?. advice please. New to trying to work out the best time in my cycle to try and conceive.


littlerach · 14/12/2003 19:14

Good idea is to babydance every other day, this ensures that the sperm is new, and in theory you should strike around about when you ovulate. You do end up rather tired though!!


cotton03 · 16/12/2003 21:58

Today i have been having low tummy aches on and off,like a mild gripey period feeling that can be on one side one minute and then the other side. It is day 20 of my cycle so i think i may be ovulating now. My cycles are irregular and are usually quite long (40 days and last one about 32 )so i dont know when AF is due. I think day 11 was too early to have conceived. My left boob is sore too, usually they both are before AF is due though! What do folk think?

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Cavy · 17/12/2003 05:15

The other extreme, we did the babydance 5 & 7 days before I ovulated to get me pregnant this time. DD was a one off incident in a hot bath; DS happened in spite of a diaphragm. That's what it's like when you have high fertility.....


aloha · 17/12/2003 09:33

Kittie - yes it is. My friend is about 8weeks pg and she conceived then for sure (no unprotected sex at any other time). Doing it a LOT is the best way to get pregnant. As someone else said though, it does seem terribly tiring!


GladTidings · 17/12/2003 09:40

Kittie - My GP told me last week that it is quite common apparently! I am waiting for a scan to determine my dates. If I go with the conventional 14 days afterwards then I am 6wks + 5 today. But 2 weeks ago my GP said I was more like 6 wks then..... which would mean I conceived very early in my cycle..... my scan will reveal all hopefully!


Cavy · 17/12/2003 09:55

My husband feels horribly left out that he has never had the opportunity to get terribly tired.... . Don't you think, Aloha, your friend's baby might have come from a birth control failure later in her cycle?


aloha · 17/12/2003 10:43

Cavy, nope! It was definitely then. Also, it happened very similarly with her first. And that was her sole episode of rumpy pumpy all month!

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