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Pregnancy Symptoms But Negative Tests!!

13 replies

ANNIE1 · 02/10/2003 22:23

Hi, I really hope someone can help me. I'm on day 34 of quite an irregular cycle but for the past 11 days have been feeling really nauseous all day, I've had low stomach cramps, tender boobs, mood swings - basically every pregnancy symptom you can think of but I've taken 4 HPT's this week (getting desperate!) and they've all been negative. If I hadn't taken the tests I would absolutely swear that I was pregnant, so I don't know whats going on. I tested with clear blue and first response. Has anyone else experienced this? And what was the outcome?!!

OP posts:

fio2 · 03/10/2003 08:06

I had negative results when I was pregnant with my dd. I think I was about 10 days overdue for a period when it finally tested positive


Jemma7 · 03/10/2003 08:50

Try again in a few days - if still negative go to your doctor and explain.

Don't mean to dishearten you but i have had this alot over the last 10 months - think mine is due to coming off of the pill though!

Fingers crossed for you


monkey · 03/10/2003 08:53

I had a lot of pg symptoms & was convinced i was pg. Did a zillion tests - all neg which I couldn't believe - was so sure I was. Anyway, sadly I wasn't (did get pg a coupl eof months later tho' The pg symptoms were result of wierd hormonal balance - loads of oestrogen (or too little?? can't remember) sorry.

Have you stopped taking any hormone based contraceptives in the last few months


M2T · 03/10/2003 08:54

I had a negative test the first time when my period was due. I knew I was pregnant though. I waited a couple weeks and did another one.... which was positve. Just give it another couple of days.

Are you trying for a baby? Fingers crossed for you.


bobthebaby · 03/10/2003 08:59

I did one when I got the symptoms - negative. Then another one 2 weeks later when my dh told me I had to because I was getting weird on him. Resulted in little bob. Good luck.


misdee · 03/10/2003 08:59

my sister had loads of negative tests when she was pregnant. even a hospital blood test came back negative. but she was pregnant (about 10 weeks when she finally got a posistive result and a scan to make sure!!). probably doesnt help u much i'm afraid.


madgirl · 03/10/2003 09:10

hi annie1, i am on day 33 and no period but no positive from both boots and first response. I have been feeling like i have been about to come on for the past week, but nothing yet! Friend of mine took a week to get a positive. let us know what happens!


madgirl · 03/10/2003 10:05

well, my period has just arrived so i won't be able to sue First Response just yet!!


WSM · 03/10/2003 10:09

Oh sorry to hear that madgirl, better luck next month


monkey · 03/10/2003 12:02

Sorry about that too. btw, that was supposed to be closed brackets, not smiley winkey face. Have you been trying long?
Good luck


madgirl · 03/10/2003 12:32

Been trying for a few months, this was the first month i used op sticks, been having some probs with dh which i should really post on the relationship front and not here, but this ttc biz has put a lot of pressure on us and i think that has contributed to my period coming so uncharacteristically late. at least i'm not having a phantom! i travel for business tho and just worked out that days 12-15 of my cycle i;m away gggrrrrr mind you, given this last cycle was 33 days, it could mean that it is more likely that i might ovulate around day 18, doesn't it?


monkey · 03/10/2003 12:54

just aim for the mucus & good luck


nicki1 · 31/12/2003 16:26

Hi there. When i was trying to concieve my daughter (now three) i tried lots of different pregnancy tests and they all gave a "negative". I was late with my period and had sore, tender breasts and i was slightly nauseous but not all the time. Eventually sick of spending lots of money on home testing kits i took a test at my GP surgery, which was sent away to the hospital for testing, and a few days later came back positive. Hope this helps!

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