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Where's Tillysmummy

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Jemma7 · 22/08/2003 15:26

Have asked this question on another thread but everyone decided to ignore me so i thought i'd create my own thread......................

Does anyone know where Tillysmummy is?
Haven't seen her around for ages.

Also, did everyone watch bad girls last nite - how sad????

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quackers · 22/08/2003 15:30

Jems, I haven't heard form her either. She normally posts and asks how I am and keep up on the march thread. Do you think she'll look here though in conception - I'll put one in pgcy too, that way we're covered!
Bad girls, new thread in ';chat', I've asked for a summary as I missed it - the only one I've missed cos i was out - boo hooxx

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