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Accommodation needed in/near Woodhall Spa (Lincs)

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Alcemeg · 02/02/2022 18:32

Posting on a couple of threads, as not sure where this belongs!

At the age of 93 my dad, maybe not surprisingly, has been diagnosed with dementia. He is also falling a lot. My mum has mobility issues and they just about cope, but I want to be closer to them.

I'm therefore planning to relocate to the UK from Portugal, where I currently live. My husband will stay here to sell the house (we had plans to move anyway) and join me when he can.

The trouble is that this will duplicate all our household expenses, so a house share might be the way forward.

As well as a bedroom, I'd need a small area I could use as an office space. I work from home as a freelance medical editor, so would need a reasonable (but not superfast) internet connection.

I haven't booked any flights yet, just putting out feelers, but would like to get back there in the near future (preferably in the next couple of months).

Please PM me if you can help! Thanks!

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Alcemeg · 02/02/2022 18:56

P.S. Just to add: I'm a non-smoker. Love pets (especially cats!), but allergic to fur so would need to keep them out of the bedroom. Ideally would like to keep the cost of accommodation and bills within £400/month. You probably wouldn't see much of me, as I'll probably be working most evenings.

Also grateful for any suggestions on where I could look for something suitable. I've got a search alert on, but it's been a while since I rented a place and am not sure how you go about it nowadays!

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