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Yorkshire to London House swap!

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distantelephant · 01/06/2015 09:13

Come all you lovely Londoners. I want to swap my 3 bed semi-detached house in Yorkshire for a 1/2/3 bed flat or house in London. Infact any type of property. Ive had a look at the rent in London and my god its super high. So i thought why not do a house swap. I need to swap for upto 2/3 years. May be longer.

I have landed a job in London and need to move in August. I know it sounds crazy. You are probably thinking why would anyone want to swap the city life for a much quieter Yorkshire life. Well let me tell you about Bradford and where i live. My house has garden, drive for 2 cars and a garage and is 2 mins away from a lovely nature reserve and golf course. Ideal for walkers and pets. The house has all mod cons GCH and a good sized lounge through into the dining room.

Bradford Girls Grammer School which is in the top 100 non selected state funded schools in UK is a 5 min drive. That means its a free school to those in the catchment area which my house is in. Just google it and look at the GCSE and A Level results to see for yourself.

Take a 5 mins drive and you are straight onto glorious country views that lead straight into Haworth. Famous for the Bronte sisters and the moors. The scenery is stunning. Take a further 30 mins drive and you are onto Hebden Bridge and its amazing views. On the other side you are 15 mins drive into Bradford with its amazingly cheap and tasty curry houses. Home to the Media Museum, Alhambra Theatre and the latest Westfield Shopping centre in UK. It's not like city life in London. Here you can drive anywhere in a short time. You don't have the pollution of London and its a very hilly place. You have great arts/culture on your doorstep. The David Hockney Museum in Saltaire with its world heritage site village. Fantastic parks like Manningham. The outskirts of Bradford are quite simply beautiful countryside leading into the Dales and places like Illkey Moor and Bolton Abbey. Leeds is only 20 mins by train and Manchester 45 mins. Also we Yorkshire folk are probably the friendliest people you could meet in England and don't forget we do have the best fish and chips and real ale in UK as well. Well you must be sold now. So come on drop me an email or call me. I am serious so i hope you are too. Take the swap of the pollution for fresh Yorkshire country air. It will do your lungs wonders!

Im considering anywhere East London, North London, North West London and South East London. Pics of my house are coming soon.

call me on 07984 670917 or email [email protected]

OP posts:
FishWithABicycle · 01/06/2015 09:27

The daily commute to the London office might be a bit of a disadvantage though...

Congratulations on getting a London job. In order to accept it you'll need to downgrade expectations a bit.

Rent out your Bradford house, and rent a flat some way out from London but commutable in e.g. this little flay by Royston station or look for a room in a shared house.

skywalker152 · 23/04/2016 11:37

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