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Chronic pain

Lower back pain

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Kumasi · 05/11/2023 09:24

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I recently started having lower back pain, it’s a constant dull ache in whatever position I am and I assume it’s due to holding my kids’ arms (5y and 7y) while they do frontal flips in the air. I’ve never had back pain before. I’ve taken Nurofen and Aspirin but neither help much. Any suggestions on how to improve the situation? Many thanks in advance!

OP posts:
Somewhatchallenging · 05/11/2023 09:27

Core strength training.
A Tens machine can help with pain.
A physiotherapist can help with exercises.

Ylvamoon · 05/11/2023 09:29

Search exercises for sciatica- the one where you lie on your front slightly elevated works wonders!
Plus as already suggested, loads of core strength training.

Kumasi · 05/11/2023 19:54

Thank You!

OP posts:
Emma543 · 05/11/2023 20:06

Try heat for pain management e.g hot water bottle, wheat bag.
keep moving the best you can. Core strengthening is important but especially strengthen the glutes!
regular paracetamol and ibuprofen
extension exercises listed above are great for sciatica however in chronic aching/ some people can aggravate symptoms - I would give exercises a try in flexion and extension and identify your direction of preference and work within that range.
physio referral if doesn’t ease within 3 weeks.. from a physio hope that helps x

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