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Chronic pain

Where can I seek help

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grummpygranda · 26/08/2023 12:54

Hi all I have suffered chronic pain for 10 years after a routine operation this has affected me in so many ways mentally physically and emotionally. I don’t trust many people and my net is closing in where I have had to give up work withdraw from the wider world and basically been left where I have lots of time to do nothing as I am so depressed it leaves me stuck in a rut. I am waiting for NHS appointments which takes months and my health sucks. I have tried so many self help options it is no joke. My manner comes across as being uncooperative and not willing to participate in the latest incarnation of what my GP suggests next. The most recent episode is that I had an X-ray for a bad left hip. I made an appointment with my GP again and drove 15 miles to the surgery after the usual triage call up get someone to call you back and the GP response was what do you want me to do? I replied I am not a doctor and that was it. I called again this week and asked if I could be referred to a pain clinic. Usual triage and a less than happy paramedic nurse called me and after asking about the pain. I was told well the pain in your hip which I have complained about for months which I had an X-ray done. One of your bones is fused due to lack of movement so that would explain some of your pain. I was offered drugs again and when I asked what drugs was asked well are you allergic to any drugs there is nothing on your notes which is untrue it is in my notes. Anyway.
I suffer from Tinnitus and can’t take a lot of drugs for stuff including neuropathic pain. I rattled off a list and after the conversation getting frustrating for both of us she said she would speak to a doctor. The point is I have Tinnitus hearing loss and depression and when I take these drugs my Tinnitus level which is managed very well goes up. I got a call from a nice receptionist saying a prescription was to be sent to the chemist and would be there tomorrow which is today I asked what it was for and it was a drug for neuropathic pain. I have taken one tablet and the usual my T is loud and my mood has not changes I slept well so same again ottoxcicity I give up.

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