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Blue badge while living abroad - help please

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LifeBeginsNow · 01/08/2023 17:38

I've moved abroad on a military posting (DH) and my blue badge has now run out. I still receive the mobility element of PIP and am therefore entitled to a new one, but my previous LA won't help as I no longer live in that county.

I am not eligible to claim under this countries scheme as I need to be claiming their benefits.

Anyone got any suggestions about getting around this? Could I claim under the LA where my mum lives and get it sent there? Seems a bit dodgy but I'm here for 3 years (abroad but on British land) and I could do with using the badge ASAP.

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TwitTwont · 01/08/2023 17:41

CAB says you should apply to MOD for one.
“Blue Badge SchemeYou may be eligible for a Blue Badge if you are a disabled veteran or a member of the armed forces.
If you are currently in the armed forces and are no longer resident the UK, you or a member of your household can apply to the Ministry of Defence for a blue badge. If you've kept your UK residency, you should apply to your local authority.“

LifeBeginsNow · 01/08/2023 20:50

@TwitTwont you're a star! Thank you.
I have googled but kept pulling up the same unhelpful info.
I'll have a look again in the morning and see if I can get one soon through the MOD. When I've asked on camp previously, nobody seemed to know either.

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