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Chronic pain

Sciatica- how long should I expect it to last ?

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Moonsky1998 · 13/06/2023 12:41

I injured my back about 6 weeks ago, it took a few weeks for pain to ease (been on diazepam, cocodamol, diclofenac ans naproxen ) the back pain has definitely eased but I now have terrible sciatica , presumably from the back injury

I've had sciatica before but i can't remember how long it lasted, and this time it is a lot more painful-

I've read online it can last months, and it's resllr starting to impact my daily life

The pain killers work for a short period of time ,but when I'm in pain it's the whole way down my leg, in my hip and in my bum, and I'm really struggling with work and looking after my children

I've been doing stretches every day but they only ease it for a while

Tens machine doesn't really do much either

I know not much can be done for sciatica but any advice ans suggestions are welcomed!

Thank you

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