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Chronic pain

Anyone used pregabalin ?

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GemmaPearl97 · 09/05/2023 21:26

Was prescribed by pain doctor & have been taking for 10 days for nerve pain . So far no improvement in pain & wondering if this means it hasn’t worked or wondering whether to try longer - has anyone had improvement in pain after a while or only helps if felt right away ?

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MileEndMillenial · 09/05/2023 21:35

Yes I tried it after having a pretty invasive procedure. I had nerve damage and was prescribed this to deal with the discomfort of the nerves regenerating. It worked pretty quickly for me within less than a week. Maybe you need a higher dose if it hasn’t kicked in and you’re already 10 days in?

GemmaPearl97 · 09/05/2023 21:45

Do you remember what dose you were non?

OP posts:
MileEndMillenial · 10/05/2023 21:56

I believe it was 50mg

SprinkleRainbow · 10/05/2023 21:58

I take it long term but not for pain.
What dose are you taking? It's likely you need a higher one if your not seeing an improvement.

Orangesandlemons77 · 15/05/2023 14:16

I have just gone up to 300mg twice I day which they told me is the highest I can have, for nerve pain.

Even then it is only taking the edge off.

PleaseNoDontBeSickAgain · 22/08/2023 23:14

I have but even at the max dose it didn't help with my nerve pain. Please be careful though, they don't tell you how hard these are to stop taking. I went from pregabalin to gabapentin with no break and stopping the gabapentin felt like quitting heroin. I was not prepared.

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