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Chronic pain


3 replies

Goodwitch9 · 02/05/2023 12:43

Does anyone have one of these and find it helpful? I have arthritis in one knee and achy lower legs generally. Any reviews before I take the plunge and buy one?

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CMOTDibbler · 02/05/2023 12:55

I don't, but what I do have is a Muscle Gun which is amazing for de knotting muscles, getting swollen legs down, and helping with inflammation.


Goodwitch9 · 02/05/2023 13:09

Thanks Dibbler, will look into that!

OP posts:

IamSallyBowles · 14/05/2023 11:48

I have one.... had it for a couple of weeks - I am noticing the difference already - I haven't used the knee pads yet though

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