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Chronic pain

Family Holiday

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MrAmIDone · 27/04/2023 08:43

With regret my husband has become newly disabled, his condition and level of pain means he cannot tolerate the confines of a 4 - 5 hour drive for our usual UK family summer holiday.
Do to the mechanics of overseas travel ie movement and sitting; airport, security, lounge, airplane, transfers etc he envisages if a short flight say 2 - 3 hours tops he could manage that journey better.
I'm looking at prices right now Croatia 2.5 hours, Canary Islands 3 hours.
In our family group there are 3 adults and 2 children.
The prices I am seeing so far are so out of reach, £1000+ per person.
The New Year is the ideal holiday shop time but at that stage my husband nor I had any clue where his health would be.
Can you offer any advice on how a family of five can do a short haul on a budget?
My poor husband is desperate for continuous hot sunshine to ease his pain, I want to help him if I can.

OP posts:

Crikeyalmighty · 28/04/2023 20:56

Are you flexible on dates or does it have to be school holidays??


MrAmIDone · 02/05/2023 12:53

School holidays yep

OP posts:

Crikeyalmighty · 02/05/2023 15:58

I did it for 19th Aug to 26th aug as an example


gogohmm · 02/05/2023 16:09

Remember a 2.5 hours flight means hours at the airport, travel to the airport, transfer the other end etc, more than 5 hours in a car. The canaries are over 4 hours by plane. Italy is 2.5 as is Spain (mainland/Balearics).

I can see all inclusive at around the £750 mark, that's 3 sharing one room, 2 the other


FrownedUpon · 02/05/2023 16:17

The thing is you can easily be sat on a plane for 30+ minutes on the runaway before & after the flight & be circling for ages waiting to land, so it’s unlikely to just be 2/3 hours.

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