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Chronic pain

Ultrasound following MRI

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Wonderingly12 · 23/04/2023 09:59


I had an MRI scan about 4 weeks ago on my full spine and pelvis, they were looking for signs of arthritis.

I have had no correspondence about the results at all yet. However yesterday I received a letter saying I’ve been referred for an ultrasound and to call and book ASAP. I haven’t got any other health conditions ongoing so the ultrasound definitely relates to the MRI.

My understanding is that an MRI is the best possible diagnostic tool for the type or arthritis they’re looking for (Ankylosing Spondylitis, I already have rheumatoid arthritis), so I think it’s unlikely that the ultrasound is to follow up on any of those findings as they should already have the detail they need.

So now I’m wondering if they’ve found something incidental and I’m panicking.

Obviously I will call and book the ultrasound tomorrow and ask what they are looking at and I will try and get through to my consultant and find out what the results of the MRI are, but please join in speculating what on earth the ultrasound could be for?!

Any help or thoughts welcome!

OP posts:

PlainSkyr · 23/04/2023 13:44

I recently had an ultrasound, CT scan and MRI for 2 separate problems but in the exact same area of my body. Apparently each type of scan highlights different elements in the body and has its own benefits. The ultrasound in your case could be to verify something spotted in the MRI perhaps?

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