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Chronic pain

Tinnitus postpartum and potential treatment?

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Daphne2022 · 23/03/2023 20:32

Hello :) I’ve had mild tinnitus for 7 years (was intense at first but then habituated and it seemed to stabilise at mild state that I was mostly fine with!) However since giving birth in November the combination of breastfeeding/postpartum hormones/ sleep deprivation has made my tinnitus spike a lot (dispite the huge joy of my baby boy that nothing will ruin!)

I was wondering if anyone else experienced this postnatally and had it settle after some time/after stopping breastfeeding? Also has anyone tried the new Lenire treatment for tinnitus? It was recently given FDA approval in the US too and sounds super promising to help supress it/ especially in times when it flairs up. I know the best thing to do it ride it out (and when I manage not to be sucked into the “despair” cycle it feels like it’s so faint I can’t hear it) but postpartum it fluctuates so much that I thought why not try this new Lenire treatment if it’ll help even a bit?? Xx

OP posts:

Orangesandlemons77 · 25/03/2023 21:07

I haven't tried that but going for a hearing test soon and saw something about a hearing aid for tinnitus. Mine is bad after shingles in the ear a few weeks ago, annoying isn't it.


Dinopawus · 25/03/2023 21:12

Firstly you have my sympathies as tinnitus is truly miserable. Its not my area of expertise, but I heard a really interesting presentation from an audiologist a while ago who was talking about how CBT can be helpful. It might be something to look into?

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