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Chronic pain

Chronic headaches - pregabalin help ?

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GemmaPearl97 · 12/03/2023 21:08

ive been having chronic headaches for 6 months after switching amitriptyline brand which have never resolved - totally debilitating. Extensive tests to rule everything out

pain dr has suggested pregabalin - has this helped anyone with headaches ?

thabks so much

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Matchingcollarandcuffs · 18/03/2023 08:22

No!! Just withdrawing from it down from 300mg by 25mg a week, tried to do it more quickly but sent me into a massive pain flare.

i suffered from the danger amount of headaches, put in over a stone and nearly lost my job through being completely out of it, it was awful.

Other than the amitriptyline have you ever found out any physical cause?

i am on a pain management program due to chronic migraine and fibro all caused by EDS, the mindfulness has really helped, have you ever given it a go? Also are you near the menopause at all, I’m in peri and that really kicked things off for me too

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