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Chronic pain

What is wrong with me?

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washingfiasco · 24/02/2023 11:48

I know nobody on here can give me a diagnosis or medical advice but i'm jusg so bloody miserable and i need to write it out/vent regardless!

When i got pregnant over 3 years ago i developed pain in both my knees. Ever since its become worse and worse

I went to gp who sent for xrays they came back all clear and was told nothing was wrong

If my legs are straight for too long then are exruciating to bend, if they're bent for too long they're excruciating to straighten. I can't get off the floor without nearly crying in agony.

The pain is now in my feet and wrists. Both seem to be affected at the same time, worse in the cold, worse after inactivity, takes hours to subside to the point of being bareable but still a bit painful. Go to bed and then the cycle starts again when i wake up

I am so miserable, it hurts to get down and play with my children. I have a short fuse because it's just so painful. I've had 2 kids and i'd take labour/childbirth over this anyday. My legs/knees just feel so tight. It hurts to get up the stairs.

I finally have another gp appointment on monday in person!!!!! (Not sure how i've managed that) but i just needed to write it all down to be able to read it back to the gp to express how much it's affecting me.

Something is clearly wrong isn't it?

I'm only 24 i shouldn't be in this much agony every day.

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Orangesandlemons77 · 29/04/2023 09:36

How did you get on? Hope you got some answers, sorry to hear about the pain.

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