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Chronic pain

Pain meds and anti-ds

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Orangesandlemons77 · 13/02/2023 03:59

I am struggling with pain post shingles. I take fluoxetine for depression (40mg)

Have a phone appt booked with the GP but not for a couple of weeks. I'm on co-codamol (30/100) atm but it isn't doing much.

Wondering about what other pain meds i might be able to use - I have had lose dose amitryptilline in the past.

I also read pregabalin and gabapentin are useful for nerve pain. Any advice welcome or anyone in the same boat.

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Mollymalone123 · 13/02/2023 04:06

Def pregabalin or gabapentin for that sort of pain.Is there any way you can phone gp again and explain you’re in pain.2 weeks is ridiculous.I’m so sorry as I had shingles over my eye and scalp and it was miserable

Orangesandlemons77 · 13/02/2023 04:28

Thanks for the reply so early in the morning.

Yes this is what I am wondering. I wonder if it will combine with the fluoxetine ok. I would consider dropping the fluoxetine for pain meds also if this was the choice. / option

Thing it they keep getting this prescribing nurse to call me back when I ring about the shingles but I think it needs a GP to prescribe this. I might try ringing and asking for the GP to call.

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Orangesandlemons77 · 13/02/2023 04:29

Yes I also have it on the face, horrible isn't it, also the other areas I have had it in the past are flaring up too such as arm and back.

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Orangesandlemons77 · 13/02/2023 16:26

They have prescribed me pregabalin low dose (I think-25mg an evening) to help with this. Hope this helps a bit. I also have the co-codomol

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