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Chronic pain

In hospital and trouble with Bowels.

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Preparedforjobnottolast · 24/01/2023 23:03


I haven’t been since day of admittance to hospital. Admittedly towards end of being at home I managed to block my own loo and due to pain was passing number 2 standing up then putting waste directly into toilet.

I’ve now had 6 x Lactolose, 2 rounds of Sennakot, hospital relented to allow me a sachet of my Fybogel.

Oralmophine is given every 2 hours.

I try to take advantage of all the fresh orange juice, whole meal bread, fruit, sensible food choices but just can’t go.

After I really tried going, I had an episode today when it got really bad, numbness in hands and feet, numb tummy all got worse, electrocution feeling when toes were touched, leg spasms more violent to the point I’m now bed bound with sides up - what will the hospital try next for this constipation?

OP posts:
GettingStuffed · 06/02/2023 22:49

My DH found only suppositries worked.

UrsulaPandress · 06/02/2023 22:50

Black Forest tea.

NancyJoan · 06/02/2023 22:52

The oramorph definitely won’t be helping.

ReedRite · 06/02/2023 22:52

Sounds awful, OP. Poor you. Won't the morphine be slowing things down further? Not sure what else you could have for the pain, though. Have they not tried Movicol?

Newestname002 · 06/02/2023 22:55

It's miserable when you can't go, isn't it?

I find upping my level of room temp still water plus three soft, dried seedless prunes (must be the whole fruit and not juice) eaten daily on an empty stomach first thing in the morning helps a lot. I prefer the dried Agen prunes in the cellophane packet, rather than the tinned stuff - it's delicious as well as efficient.

Hope things improve soon OP. 🌹

CC4712 · 06/02/2023 23:02

Why are you on oramorph? Surely they didn't give you that for constipation pain? It will slow things down and make it worse! Are you in a UK hospital or abroad OP? Walking/movement and more water can help to a degree.

Squatty potty, or anything to raise your feet to a higher position will help straighten the bowel and assist pooing on a western toilet seat. A step, large tins, phone books, base of a commode chair, or anything to raise your feet to more of a squat position whilst sitting on a toilet seat, can help more than you'd think.

5YearsLeft · 07/02/2023 00:32

I was about to post but just realized that OP posted on 24th of January. I’m sure they’re sorted by now and hopefully it turned out all right. In case anyone else is reading this, though, three things:

  1. Yes, like many others said, oral morphine or almost any opiate, usually causes constipation.
  2. Out of the three things OP listed, only one is a true stimulant laxative (Senakot), and it’s a weak one. The other two are osmotic laxatives, which means they draw water into your stool (and Fybogel adds fibre, which could be a problem since that adds bulk to stool that may not need it), so you need to drink a LOT of water, they take up to two days to work, and it still may not “force” your body to go, especially if you’ve had morphine.
  3. For severe constipation, I would imagine they’d try a stronger stimulant laxative like bisacodyl, which is sold OTC and almost always works in 8-12 hours unless someone has an actual blockage, or they’d try an enema (you can buy these from ChemistDirect if your doctor recommends them in future).

Good luck to anyone with these issues. It’s an awful feeling.
CharlotteRose90 · 07/02/2023 03:45

I have ibd so I get regular episodes of this. Things that help me, a cup of tea, prunes, hot chocolate, peppermint tea.

is the oramorph for the pain? It won’t be helping you at all. You need to be up walking if you aren’t already. A warm bath helps me Aswell. Have the doctors offered movicol? That’s the only laxative that helps me nothing else works.

blebbleb · 07/02/2023 04:06

Oramorph is well known to cause constipation. You're making the problem a lot worse by taking it.

Ohthiscantbeit · 09/02/2023 19:20

Try milpar and enema that will get things going

Angliski · 16/03/2023 22:51

Corda equina?

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