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Chronic pain

Need an opinion ?

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HelpImNoDoctor · 13/01/2023 06:42

I have a plate an pins in this arm and its not sitting tight like the surgeon wanted he said it cld or cldnt possibly affect my tendons if it starts bothering me to come back, but i also get blood clots only had them in my legs tho. I was scrubbing cabinets wiping them down felt a lil pain an a lil burning sensation looked down and seen my wrist like this !?! It hurts to txt... like its tightening almost, an hurts to touch on it from that spot going up my arm .

I need to no if this is a tendon problem or a clot problem??
Im so tired of going to the e.r. especially the ones around me in Indiana please help

Need an opinion ?
Need an opinion ?
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