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Chronic pain

My sciatica has returned

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frazzled101 · 05/01/2023 04:04

I first had sciatica when I was 30 years old (39 now). It was a herniated disc and because I had private medical insurance at the time, and because of how bad it was, I had a discectomy and made a decent recovery.

5 years after the operation I got pregnant and the sciatica returned immediately and was horrific. I spent 5 of the 9 mths of pregnancy lying on my sofa barely able to move. It took about 9 months after having my baby to recover.

Second pregnancy, no back pain, couldn't believe my luck.

In the last year (on maternity leave) I have had a lot of lower back pain but the more I move around the more it eases so it's been manageable. I also did 4 months of daily yoga/Pilates to strengthen my back as I knew I was returning to a desk job and therefore wouldn't be as mobile.

I've only been back to work about 3 weeks full time and now I have horrendous sciatica. I can't believe it. All you ever hear is about stretching, doing exercises etc. I've done that, I've never been more flexible and here i am in the same boat anyway.

I saw a doctor yesterday who wanted to sign me off work but I said no, I'm only back after a year off. I worked 11 hours today and came home and got straight into bed. The only saving grace is I was able to use a standing desk as I can't bear to sit.

I'm sorry this is just a rant!! Doctor has prescribed me 900mg of gabapentin but I have to build up to that over the next couple of weeks. I also take naproxen anyway. I'm praying this helps as I have 2 small children to take care of too.

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