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Chronic pain

Hot stone Massage

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CambsAlways · 19/11/2022 18:02

Anyone ever had a hot stone massage, does it hurt ? Do you recommend it for back pain aching joints.

OP posts:
angelopal · 19/11/2022 18:04

It doesn't hurt. Just makes you hotter than a regular massage. Have had them for relaxation and really enjoyed it.

Chattycathydoll · 19/11/2022 18:07

I have arthritis, doesn’t cause me any pain & helps as long as I only have the massage lying on my front- the pressure lying on my back is bad. However the actual massage is very light, lighter pressure than a normal massage as they rely on the heat from the stones to do the work.

If my back is playing up I prefer a hot oil massage as it gets the warmth but they work on the tension more thoroughly. However YMMV as to whether this helps or makes things worse for you! Talking to your massage therapist will allow you to find what works.

roxisolerenshaw · 19/11/2022 18:08

I much prefer a hot stone massage to a normal one as it's more gentle and deeply relaxing.

Spudlet · 19/11/2022 18:10

It shouldn’t be painful. The stones are hot (obvs!) and can allow the therapist to reach a good depth without needing to exert a lot of force. They can be very relaxing and that in itself can help with pain in some cases. You should always talk to the therapist and tell them if you want less pressure - they should ask too, but if you find a sore spot,
tell them. We can’t necessarily tell from the outside, so you need to communicate about how you’re feeling.

Whether it will help your particular issue depends on what that issue is. It isn’t going to solve any structural issues but it might help to ease general aches and pains, and as I said, just relaxing can help with pain as well. But you would need to talk to the therapist about your particular case. This probably won’t be possible at a spa-type setting before your appointment, but if you find a local therapist who is self-employed they should hopefully be available to chat with you before your come in.

workingeverysingkeday · 19/11/2022 18:20

It doesn't hurt. It's lovely

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