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Chronic pain

Back pain

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coffeeforme1 · 19/11/2022 08:46

Any insight would be great if anyone has any!
back pain and the mirena is the question, has anyone had back pain that resolved in the early weeks of having had a mirena coil fitted?

OP posts:
wanmum69 · 28/02/2023 01:53

I've been having a lot of back pain lately too! Research shows that taking medicine might be the best option. I may have to try Hondrexil but I'm not sure if it's safe and what its side effects though. Does anyone have other suggestions?

Sara713 · 19/03/2023 11:26

I think medicine can be effective at taking the edge off the pain or numbing it a bit, especially early on in recovery. However medicine is only of limited help as when you need pain relief (earlier in recovery) the medicine doesn’t fully cover up the pain as the pain is typically really bad, and by the time the medicine is capable of numbing your pain (as the pain naturally reduces in intensity and frequency) you don’t really need medicine as much any more.

However having researched loads to heal my own back and eventually fully healing it, the key from research is to identify what movements, postures and loads (eg bending forwards from the spine, twisting the spine, standing for a while (ie compression loads)) bring on symptoms or make symptoms worse. Then work to eliminate these movements, postures and loads as much as possible to give your spinal tissues time to heal. Some goood resources that took me ages and ages to find are:

  • The book ‘Back Mechanic’ by Prof SM McGill - he is called upon by world class athletes when they need help - this book is written for laypeople
  • A series of insta videos entitled Back Pain/Disc Herniation Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 that can be found by scrolling down a bit on the humanmovementguy instagram account
  • A couple of blog posts / essays on about the author’s own back pain journey - this made me feel like others were going through what I was going through so it wasn’t just me

I pray this is useful and let me know if you need anything
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