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Chronic pain

Can anybody help me with nuclear bone scan results?

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26goingon90 · 18/11/2022 06:04


I posted here a little while back and had some amazing responses. Ive been suffering with what seem like the symptoms of an autoimmune disease for the past 8 months. Tiredness, horrendous joint pain, flu-like symptoms, poor circulation to name a few. Until recently all my blood work has been fine, only now has my blood work started to show problems - high CRP, high ALP, low WBC and RBC.
I went for a nuclear medicine bone scan last month - and have just had a letter which states:
”No abnormality in extremities.
Symmetrical uptake around shoulders, hip joints and greater trochanters bilaterally.”

Can anybody medically clued up give me any idea on what this could point to? As I’m baffled.

Thanks as always ♥️

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