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Chronic pain

Just want to howl

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OldTinHat · 08/11/2022 15:27

I've had chronic pain for 30yrs. Several physical issues and am waiting for surgery.

My brain, according to my consultant, is now hyper sensitive and yells pain outside the normal chronic areas and this flares up every six to eight months. She gave it a name but I've forgotten it.

I'm having a flare up and want to curl up and howl! My whole right side from my hair follicles, eye socket down to my toenails are all screaming at me. I'm trying to distract myself, I had acupuncture yesterday and my covid and flu boosters today - thought they'd take the pressure off if I have achy arms and side effects. I hope they kick in as that may give my brain something else to think about and end this flare up.

Bah. This is not funny anymore.

Not asking for replies as such, just need to keep my mind off the pain and I'm running out of TV options!

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CMOTDibbler · 08/11/2022 15:49

Sympathies, that sounds like CRPS, and it is hell. But the good news is that there are residential treatment programmes which can really help you retrain your brain and stop it thinking everything is pain. Bath are the experts, so push for a referral there

OldTinHat · 08/11/2022 16:38

@CMOTDibbler THAT IS IT!!! I couldn't remember the name! It's bloody awful and I don't want to play this game anymore. Thank you.

I'll ask about Bath, not sure if I'll be able to be referred because I'm on the IoW and was promised hospital transport to New Hall Salisbury and that didn't happen.

But thank you!!

I hope you're not suffering??

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CMOTDibbler · 08/11/2022 17:01

I think because the CRPS programmes are tertiary referral you would be OK, though I don't know about transport.

I've had CRPS for 12 years now, following a life changing accident which left me with bony pain and disability, but I was very lucky to see a physio very early on who knew about CRPS (even if the surgeon didn't) so I have it (mostly) under control and isolated to my arm.

OldTinHat · 08/11/2022 19:41

@CMOTDibbler I'm sorry you've had problems and pain for such a long time too. It's just beyond awful, isn't it?

My sports 'knee' injury at 19 and associated physio wasn't correctly diagnosed as a SI displacement until I was 24. I'm 51 now with an unstable SI, disc bulge, arthritis in my knee and trapped nerve in my neck. I fall, have to use a stick and now my stupid brain decides sets off all pain alarms, everywhere, every few months. In intervening years since I've fractured my spine falling from a horse and broken my coccyx.

I do hope the vaccination side effects kick in soon!! Really need a distraction!

Oh, and yes, transport is the never ending problem here. Its promised when they offer you medical procedures and then withdraw it when you get an appointment through 🙄

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