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Chronic pain

Anyone challenged PIP decision?

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caringcarer · 03/11/2022 19:04

I have chronic pain in my back. Lower back pain but also across top of back and shoulders and top of left arm in particular. It has been gradually getting worse for about 4 years. I retired early because of it. I have been awarded 9 points on care and 12 on mobility. On preparing a meal I was only awarded 2 points for using aid (stool) to sit on. I told assessor I needed assistance from my dh. He collects all ingredients together for me, gets any equipment out for me and puts it all on work surface for me before I start to cook. I can cook but can't do so without assistance from dh. He lifts the lift heavy pans for me, so for example I can put mince in saucepan and stir but can't lift pan to strain fat off so DH does this for me. Same if cooking potatoes, can't lift heavy saucepan to strain water off so DH does that for me. I could not cook if he was not with me to help me. I thought I should have 4 points for needing assistance. If I had been awarded those 2 extra points I would have got higher level care rate. Has anyone else found this happen to them? Has anyone challenged the decision, and if so what happened?

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Friendofdennis · 03/11/2022 19:22

You need to ask for a mandatory reconsideration It sounds as if you should have been awarded more points.

Elmo230885 · 09/11/2022 21:29

It's due to what is within the scope of the activity. Moving around to gather ingredients isn't considered. It's based on preparing a simple meal for one so the assessor will note that you could use a light weight pan as an aid.
You could appeal but I image that's their reasoning.

Imnothereforthegiggles · 09/11/2022 21:34

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Orangesandlemons77 · 26/12/2022 22:54

I get PIP, after appeal. I would definitely do the MR and if that doesn't change things appeal. They might change things before appeal, they did with me and the fact you already have lots of points means they recognise your condition affects you a lot.

You can also contest the length of the award as well, in case that is an issue.

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