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Chronic pain

ED with CRPS, new site flare up, ways to help

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longtompot · 02/11/2022 12:53

My ed, 25, has had CRPS for over 12 years in various places and has over the years managed to deal with those areas flaring up, though it is difficult.
She had a dental checkup yesterday for a filling done last year which has been causing her a bit of discomfort and wondered if it was an issue with the filling. X-rays showed all ok and she has been given a prescription for some high strength fluoride toothpaste.
However, the area has gone into a full on CRPS flare up and she just doesn't know what to do with herself. I have got her some oralgel which did help a bit but doesn't last (have now got the extra strength version so we shall see if that does anything). She is on Tramadol for her CRPS pain, plus some other medication for various things including Naproxen for migraines. I am also heating up a wheat neck warmer for her to hold on her face which is helping a bit too.
Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to help her? She phoned me in the night last night as she was beside herself.

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