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Chronic pain

CFS/Long covid and work

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MrsT1704 · 21/10/2022 19:25

I have been suffering with fatigue and pain since having COVID in November 2020. I currently work part time but I am in work everyday but find this gives me an equal spread and I am able to pace myself rather than cramming my days.

A job with less hours has come up, meaning that I would have a day or two off but my work would have to fit into three days. I would have a caseload so my caseload would reduce to reflect my working hours but it would mean that meetings and any work to do with the caseload would have to fit into those two days.

my first thoughts were that working within three days would mean that pacing could be more difficult but I have always worked full time/every day so don't have much to compare it to.

Any advice on this would be very much appreciated. If you have reduced your hours do you find this helps or means you are essentially working harder with less days so therefore just spend your days off recovering (I am aware that the answer to this will also depend on the type of job)

OP posts:
StateOfTheUterus · 21/10/2022 19:27

perhaps if you do non-consecutive days eg Monday, Wednesday, Friday so you can rest in between?

lentilly · 21/10/2022 19:32

StateOfTheUterus · 21/10/2022 19:27

perhaps if you do non-consecutive days eg Monday, Wednesday, Friday so you can rest in between?

Yes I have Wednesdays off and it really helps me pace having that break.

MrsT1704 · 22/10/2022 07:22

I didnt think of having days off inbetween! Of course that would help pacing! I feel so stupid that I didnt think of that! (Classic brain fog) Thank you

OP posts:
jenny38 · 16/11/2022 17:56

longer days might mean you crash / feel worse and have a boom and bust cycle. How do you feel after you have done a longer day? This might help you judge. No point in changing if you are going to spend each day off in bed recovering. I found part time- 2 x4.5 hour days, day off, 2x4.5 hours worked best for me. Hope you work it out for the best

Luluthecat · 07/12/2022 07:15

Don’t work two consecutive days is my trick - currently do Monday, Wednesday and Thursday would prefer Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I found working 3 days much easier with my chronic illness than 5 shorter days.

Techno56 · 07/12/2022 07:24

I've previously done 3 days but spread over four (with a commute) Mon, Tues, wed short days and a full friday. I now work full time but compressed, so I work Mon Tues Thurs Fri. I go into the office on a Monday but WFH the rest. I find this much much easier to deal with only working two days in a row at a time. My more difficult day is now a Monday whereas before it was a Friday which was bloody awful to be honest.

Stag82 · 07/12/2022 07:26

Currently on mat leave. Usually work 4 days. Same work programme etc as the full time staff. Competed easily enough in 4 days tho.

Psm92 · 13/10/2023 11:55

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