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Chronic pain

Severe lower back pain struggling to walk

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yerdaindicatesonbends · 19/10/2022 19:36

I’ve had sciatica on and off for 10+ years and general back pain quite regularly. Sometimes my back will ‘go’ where it’s very hard to move but I’m still able to function to a basic degree.

But yesterday afternoon as I was simply picking up some washing it went like never before to the point that I couldn’t move at all and couldn’t even walk. Usually when my back goes I’m able to do specific yoga poses which ease the pain massively and make it more manageable straight away, but the only relief I get this time is from lying on my side in bed. I’m feeling pretty miserable, and a little bit scared as I’ve never had my mobility affected like this.

Was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this and it resolving itself in a few days to where it’s manageable again. I have already promised myself that once this has passed I will be much more regular with my yoga practice again. I’m not too keen on contacting a dr rn as there isn’t really any form of pain relief I can take without it making me unwell, but know if it doesn’t pass that ultimately I’ll have to contact them.

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Giveronyoursausage · 23/10/2022 09:17

I'm exactly the same, mine went a couple of weeks ago just by washing up. The only way I can get anything done is by putting my tens machine on my lower back and where the sciatic nerve is. I wouldn't be without it now.

custardbear · 23/10/2022 09:24

Yours sounds worse than mine but I have lower back problems and I'm with a physio who is helping with the muscles, and I'm trying to do core exercises to get my strength back. Mine is to do with hypermobile joints and my aging body ... probably weight too. It's just awful, I can't walk too far these days but I know it gets better but I feel like I'm so unfit it's horrible.
I'd suggest getting some professional support to help with the longer term (spasm I think needs time to calm down)

Hey2021 · 23/10/2022 09:31

I have suffered on and off for years, but recently whilst on holiday my back went and like you I couldn’t move even going to the toilet was a struggle due to the sciatica pain. I was abroad at the time and had to stay in bed all day. As soon as I got back from holiday I booked an appointment with a chiropractor. It is expensive, but it has been so worth it.

MrsJackRackham · 23/10/2022 09:31

I take two ibuprofen and two paracetamol at the same time, a heat pad, then yoga about half an hour later.
What poses do you do? I find cobra makes it worse. Cat/cow, child's pose, and the one where you lie on your back with your bent knee across your body and face the other way, can't remember its name, the best ones.

Aestas · 23/10/2022 09:35

I would second a TENS machine, I found it better than painkillers- and I had tramadol! Many sympathies, sciatica is just awful.

Banjaxx · 23/10/2022 09:42

Op just be careful, sounds like a disc problem rather than anything muscular. Have you ever been offered a nerve root injection to take the inflammation down in the sciatic nerve? I’ve a couple over the years and they do work, could be an option if you can’t take any painkillers. I had to stop taking naproxen as it really messed with my stomach but can tolerate cocodamol. If you can’t take any painkillers though tens machine is a good shout. Do you have health insurance or the means to pay for the nerve root injection privately? I have no idea what the wait is on the nhs but your back would probably have healed itself by the time you got it on the nhs!

yerdaindicatesonbends · 23/10/2022 09:52

Thanks everyone for your replies! This was a few days ago when it was at its worst and I do thankfully have a little bit of mobility again, not a massive amount but more than none!

@Banjaxx This is my concern tbh, as it feels different from anything before and gets worse when I am on my feet for any length of time. Unfortunately I don’t have access to private atm and for the reasons you mentioned it’s why I’m not all that keen on getting in touch with dr. And yeah I can’t take anything now apart from paracetamol, as it absolutely destroys my stomach!

But will definitely whip out my TENs machine again (tried a few days ago and couldn’t even move to get it on) as a few of you have said it helps!

@MrsJackRackham Pigeon pose is usually a life saver if I can manage but I’m being much more cautious than usual. One thing which I’ve managed to do which seems to be helping is lying flat on my back with a strap holding one leg directly up in the air.

OP posts:
Luckingfovely · 23/10/2022 09:59

Honestly, you need to get an MRI scan. (Said with full knowledge of how difficult that might be at this moment in time).

There is a wide variety of things that can go wrong in your lower back - and what might help one thing might be making something else worse.

I speak as a veteran of major lower spine surgery and multiple injections and other interventions.

Had to laugh recently upon telling a physio proudly that I was bending over and touching my toes frequently as it really relieved the pain, and being told that was the worst thing I could possibly do Grin

yerdaindicatesonbends · 23/10/2022 10:06

@Luckingfovely Yeah it has been something I’ve considered and may still attempt to go down that route if it doesn’t get better. This does feel very different and feels distinctly more like an injury than prior pain.

Lol but isn’t it exciting when you can touch your toes! I’m definitely going to avoid any kind of bending going forward. I actually managed to get myself in a crouching position which felt really good, and it might just be how I navigate the world going forward when it comes to dealing with anything below the waist!

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nonstoprenovation · 23/10/2022 10:28

Can you get to a physio? And look up and google your QL muscles. It's sounds like one of them went into spasm, then it lifts the pelvis and gives you issues walking.

Some gentle physio could help to ease this.

BookwormButNoTime · 23/10/2022 10:37

Please go to your GP and request a full spine MRI and be insistent. If you have bladder, bowel or a loss of sensation in your pelvic area too then you could be a medical emergency.

I was fobbed off for 20 years and only when it got to the point I could barely walk did they find a massive tumour in my spinal column that almost paralysed me from the waist down. What I had was extremely rare (so I don’t want to worry you) but the only getting relief from lying in a certain position was the main symptom. Painkillers didn’t touch it, even morphine.

yerdaindicatesonbends · 23/10/2022 10:43

@nonstoprenovation Ah interesting. This could possibly be the culprit as I do have groin pain and when looking in the mirror my pelvis is distinctly ‘wonky’ rn. I will perhaps very tentatively look up some physio exercises as I would have to go through NHS which could take some time.

@BookwormButNoTime Im so sorry to hear about your experience, but sadly not surprised. I think if it is not miraculously better by tomorrow I will get in touch with GP, even just to have it on record if this is any type of recurring problem.

OP posts:
ultraviolet4753 · 23/10/2022 22:18

Only way I can get mine fixed is to go to physio to get things moved back into place.

I wear a Serola belt 24hrs a day now, and definitely reduced how much my pelvis and hips shift out of place with my EDS, I needed fixing all the time before. Great for sciatica pain.

AutumnCrow · 23/10/2022 22:27

I'm reading with interest - in much the same boat here.

unsync · 23/10/2022 22:43

I'd be concerned about Cauda Equina, please get it checked.

yerdaindicatesonbends · 24/10/2022 10:35

Just a little update for anyone interested, following up from what @nonstoprenovation said about the ql muscle I did some massage (with a gun) in the area and very gentle stretching. I later lay on my shakti mat for about an hour and just after my hip popped very loudly and I got back almost all mobility. Did some classical stretching today and still very tender but hoping to carry on on this trajectory.

I hope anyone else struggling just now manages to get some relief.

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