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Chronic pain


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pinklillie · 12/10/2022 22:28

I have been experiencing chronic pain for a long time now. At least the last 10 years. My now husband and I met 12 years ago. We have been married for the last six. Since the marriage my health has taken a turn for the worst. I am now currently under eight consultants at the hospital for various things. When we argue or fall out my husband will say it's ok "when you are better it will all be ok" he thinks our disagreements are purely "my pain" related although they can be anything from him not listening to me and thinking i've said something else or just generally being stubborn. I feel inadequate most of the time as we have a young baby and i'm not able to do a lot of the things i want to be able to do. We go away for a break and I think he expects that im going to be better and I'm obviously not. I don't really know what i want from this maybe just a place to vent a little. Would a couples therapy help? i'm really struggling

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pinklillie · 12/10/2022 22:31

Plus, i'm not going to get better. Most of my issues are long term chronic pain problems completely out of my control

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