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Chronic pain

Myofascial - undiagnosed at this point

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dogmama1 · 09/10/2022 15:15

I'm 30 years old and have been experiencing chronic pains in one side of my neck, into my chest, shoulder, upper right arm and sometimes into the sides. They seem to flare up to points where it's sometimes unbearably painful, feels like a dull burning sensation in my muscles. Achy... it's their always but I seem to have periods where it flares up and is far worse, where it's all I can think about.

I went through a long period of thinking I had cancer (have slight health anxiety brought on by my father having an annyersum in my teens) and have avoided the GP through fear. Although, after many Google searches, I'm fairly certain that's not it. (No other symptoms except pain/aches)

I have quiet a lot of muscle tension and noticeable knots under my fingers.
I take ibuprofen and paracetamol, it doesn't help. I take Epsom salt baths but doesn't help..
rest - does somewhat help but only if I've slept for 10-11 hours.

I want to go to my GP, but I'm unsure where to start. Can anyone offer any insight into their diagnosis? How you approached your GP about it? What their initial response was?

It always seems to be down the right side of my body, I even get right sided breast pain (been GP twice about that, referred to breast clinic twice to which they said they felt nothing of concern (wasn't scanned) but, I'm Almost sure that pains radiating into my breast plate/chest.

I've thought about just taking myself to a sport message therapist but I feel like I should have a diagnosis before self treating for something it may not be.

I do work full time - waitressing, so on my feet non stop for 8 hours a day. And I am right handed so do most tasks with my right hand/and which I don't think it helping the ache/pain.

I also suffered for about 2 years with extreme depression and anxiety. It completely ruled my life for two years, I had extreme manic episodes where I was lash out and was always very very tense and Hugh strung. I was angry a lot, and also dealt with a lot of stressful situations during that time. I've come along way in regards to my depression and anxiety to the point I feel quiet ontop it now thanks to private counselling and it's been in the last 8 months or so I've experienced these pains which have gradually got worse.

Any help or advice from a sufferer would be so helpful. Google really is just filled with doom and gloom....

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Emjuyuert · 24/10/2022 16:53

I have exactly this off to a breast specialist tomorrow as a place to start. But my upper right back and shoulder and sometimes arm get a bit of pain too. I think I’ve made my back ache worse by trying to do loads of stretches etc in the last week. Driving myself beserk. Also, health anxiety over here. I’m a healthcare professional myself so I worse case scenario/catastrophise everything and even more so now I’m a mum! Hope you’re ok x

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