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Chronic pain

How to use a tens machine?

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frazzled101 · 15/09/2022 14:25

I've been struggling a lot with lower back pain for about 6 months now.

Generally I can manage well once I keep moving, but I'm about to return to my job which is a desk job. I'm dreading it. I did 3.5 hours a couple of weeks ago and the pain was awful.

My physio has recommended a tens machine but I'm wondering how you actually use it?

Do you use it when the pain is bad, or use it even when you're feeling ok but to prevent pain? I'm at my worst in the mornings so I'm presuming I'll definitely need it every morning but do you use it multiple times a day?

Thanks for any advice.

I've previously had back surgery so I'm well practiced in trying everything to reduce pain, but I've only ever used a tens machine in labour.

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MrsWooster · 15/09/2022 14:27

At the first twinge, put it on. If you’re sitting at a desk all day, you probably want to leave the pads in place and unhitch them from the machine then, as soon as it starts to twinge, you can plug it back in and you’re ready to go.
I hope it works for you – I’ve always had a really good experiences with tens machines.

frazzled101 · 15/09/2022 14:34

@MrsWooster thank you. I just want to be able to work without being completely drugged up.

OP posts:
KavvLar · 28/12/2022 00:13

@frazzled101 I know this is an old post but just wanted to come on and recommend a tens belt which you can buy from boots or similar. It’s brilliant and there’s no messing around with sticking and unsticking pads. Highly recommend

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