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Chronic pain

Right Breast Pain

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dogmama1 · 25/08/2022 10:38

Hi everyone,

I've been suffering with breast pain in my right breast for well over a year! I've been to the doctors twice, both times referred to the breast clinic, both times they did a physical examination and both times refused to scan me due to my age (28/29) at the time and because they felt nothing wrong.

However, it's ongoing. I get it every month, normally the week before my period and leading up to.. but it's agony. The side is so so tender to touch, and it can radiate into my shoulder too.
I get so paranoid every time it happens. After my period, it does ease off significantly but it's never completely fine!
At the breast clinic they told me it was the bras I was wearing, so I now only wear non-wired bras. I've tired evening primrose and the obvious heat compression and paracetamol/ibuprofen.

There isn't anything visually wrong - I check almost every day when it's particularly bad. No dimple. No irregular skin patterns, nipple is fine, no discharge. Just sore!!
When it's painful it can feel a-bit lumpy, but had read that's quiet normal around that sort of time of the menstrual cycle.
It's always the right breast too. Never the left.

Just wondering if anyone else suffers this? Any advice on relief??
It really ruins my life two weeks out of every month because it's so uncomfortable it genuinely makes me feel like sh*t.
I also find that my whole breast plate (running underneath the bottom of our boobs on both sides) often feels tender too.

I've no children - no breastfeeding - no Nipple piercings - no family history of breast cancer at all within the family - the only medication I take is mitazapine 45mg once a day which I've googled and seems to have no link to breast pain.

I know breast pain is quiet common and tends to be nothing to be urgently alarmed about. However I don't know another single person who gets it to the extent I do - so feel really alone with it which panics me even more....

(Have also posted elsewhere to hopefully be seen by people suffering similar)

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ouch12345 · 25/08/2022 10:40

Hi OP, no advice but I'm in a similar situation too. I have a few friends who are also having the same pain, it's only happened since have covid 19 jab, I'm wondering if it's a strange side effect?

dogmama1 · 25/08/2022 11:56

It started before I had my covid vaccinations. I'm wondering if I have an infection that's just gone undiagnosed for a long time maybe mastitis as you can get that without breastfeeding etc.

Just at my wits end with it .... Blush

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