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Chronic pain

I don’t want to live like this

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NoGoodUsernamee · 21/08/2022 19:03

I’m a 30 year old female with 3 young children (all 5 & under.)

Around 6 months ago I started with symptoms-

all over body aches
muscle cramps
Persistent indigestion
This is every single day, but interchangeable. Almost every morning I wake up and one area of my body feels like it’s been hit by the car the day before. Next day that will be fine but something else…

I must of seen 4 GPS In this time and 2 neurologists. I am waiting for an MRI to rule out anything nerurglogial/autoimmune. Appointment next month….

I am so sick of my family/friends normalising this.
‘oh you’re older now’
‘you have 3 children’
‘could it be something in your diet’
‘you do to much’
’you don’t do enough’
‘could it be anxiety’
etc etc…

as much as I hope the MRI is clear, I am so frustrated to not have PROOF this is happening to me. I’m sick of defending myself! & I’m worried if it is clear and I’m diagnosed with fibromyalgia or ME I’m going to live this battle for the rest of my life.

I am young and I am positively tearful when I think I might spend the rest of my life in pain. I just want to be normal.

OP posts:
miamisunset · 22/08/2022 07:24


this is not going to be for the rest of your life!! There have been lots of progress and certainly there will be a cure for this. Also i know cases of people who have been already cured and/or in remission.

Change your diet, dont eat gluten, do stretches and focus on your sleep. It is critical you can sleep properly. if not ask for prescription medicine to fall asleep.

Check this podcast please

all the best

thesootherfairy · 22/08/2022 12:30

Have you had your iron levels and B12 levels tested?

Otherwise get back to GP asap for this.

When my iron and B12 were extremely low I felt like I was dying. Not exaggerating literally dying.

It was similar in terms of dizzy, tummy ache, body pain and muscle spasms and aches constantly.

If you were tested; find out what the levels were by ringing reception at GPs.

NHS have stupidly low levels of iron states as normal for women. Its 10. Just 10.
And of course for men it's 20 😡

I have an autoimmune mediated arthritis and I appear to be unable to keep hold of iron. My iron was 18 and I was told "nearly normal". But I felt like I was dying.
My current GP said it should really be around 80.
Despite taking ferrous fumerate 210mg tablets for a year I can't get my iron past 50 but I do feel so much better.

Literally days after starting iron and B12 did I feel human again.

Dizzy and muscle pain are classic low iron symptoms.

Apologies if you were already tested and your iron is fine.

mommynette · 27/08/2022 18:07

@NoGoodUsernamee I'm similar to you , in 30s, got kids. Pain even as I am typing this. Painkillers trying to work but still hurts in pain massively.

mommynette · 27/08/2022 18:17

The hardest thing is when you have to do parenting duties and you feel so much pain that it stops you doing anything or slows you down, that's what I feel daily @NoGoodUsernamee

jeffbezoz · 27/08/2022 18:23

C b d ?

hoppalong · 27/08/2022 18:45

Please don't give up hope.

Get all the medical tests done first, but if they are clear look into TMS, Alan Gordon, Curable app and Nicole Sachs (she does a great podcast).

There's so much science now behind modalities that were previously considered a bit woo, and a lot of respected mainstream specialists such as Dr Deepak Ravindran are integrating a more holistic approach.

Sending love

toucancancan · 27/08/2022 19:07

Also try meditation. Even ten minutes a day can relax you enough to reduce pain. There are loads of apps to help you meditate

SammySueTwo · 27/08/2022 19:29

Another one with autoimmune arthritis. I have low iron too - but can't take extra so have to live with this. I also have low B12 = quite a theme but again not allowed to supplement due to the impact this can have with medication.
I have chronic pain - I have been referred to a pain clinic - not about medication so we will see what that heralds. I also have to manage what I do all the time - I have children too and it's very tricky as I'm on my own.
Things won't stay like this but it's a horrible road to getting to treatment I know. Hugs

PragmaticWench · 28/08/2022 12:53

Terrible advice above to give up gluten. You need to be eating lots of gluten for accurate blood tests for coeliac disease. The symptoms could well be that so I'd ask your GP to test for coeliac, at least to rule it out.

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