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Chronic pain

Painkillers for Dummies

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DeedIDo · 04/08/2022 16:37

I usually only take a couple of paracetamol twice a year before a clean at the dentist, but I'm currently dealing with severe abdominal pain.

A&E have given me 30mg codeine to start and said I could raise it to 60mg when I'd got used to it. I haven't got used to it yet - very wobbly indeed. The trouble is 30mg on its own doesn't work for longer than about an hour.

I have been struggling with this since last Sunday and would really like to be pain free for longer than an hour. Can I take paracetamol as well, or is there something else I can do to make the codeine more effective?


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Thekormachameleon · 04/08/2022 16:41

What's the cause of the absolute pain ? If it's anything to do with constipation then do not take codeine.

You can take paracetamol with codeine he's - as long as it is only codeine and not cocodomol.
You can take them together or alternate


DeedIDo · 04/08/2022 16:43

Neither GP nor A&E have yet found the cause of the pain.Not constipated though, although I know I may have that joy to come.

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unicormb · 04/08/2022 16:46

You get used to the codeine, so just try to power through the Wobblies for a day or two.

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