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Chronic pain

Scoliosis. Waiting for physio

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NintyNine2619 · 04/08/2022 16:19

i have ‘S’ curve scoliosis and recently my back pain had been really bad. I’m currently waiting for physio next month but it’s really getting me down. I’ve tried Pilates, exercise and pain killers. I can’t carry on like this and don’t really see how physio will work

OP posts:
clipclop5 · 05/08/2022 15:47

DD 18 had scoliosis surgery a few months ago so unfortunately something we’re all too familiar with! If you haven’t seen a consultant in a while then it’s worth getting new X-rays/scans etc to see if anything has changed that could be causing the new pain.

Painkiller wise she had tried paracetamol, co-codamol, naproxen, ibuprofen all to no avail. Her consultant has recently recommended we trial her on a small dose of amitryptyline nightly and it actually seems to be helping so that is possibly something to consider? Physio was never particularly helpful but Scroth is a newer technique (and hard to find in the UK), we’ve got a session booked next month so hoping it will help! Pre surgery she was also doing regular hot yoga classes and found them quite beneficial, especially with the heat as it helps to loosen the tight muscles around the curve which cause pain. Swimming also meant to be useful and consultant recommended it but she’s a typical teen and refused to try

Maud450 · 22/08/2022 08:16

Just been on a separate thread and seen this: have been doing lots of reading as my daughter has scoliosis. It is specialist physiotherapists that you need not regular ones. You can try to get a referral to the Royal National Orthopaedics Hospital but I would i pay for a private appointment with a spinal specialist to speed things up and then see what degree of curve you have. Google/ DuckDuckGo Physiotherapy scoliosis specific exercises - a comprehensive review of seven major schools. Good luck

Ferny123 · 16/09/2022 23:38

Both our daughters have scoliosis and did initially complete the full schroth program with SOS in Manchester. Wish I knew about an amazing physio called Debs Turnbull from the beginning but so pleased to be working with her now. Any questions please feel free to ask x x

largeprintagathachristie · 16/09/2022 23:40

How old are you and do you know the degree of your curvature?

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