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Chronic pain

Tramadol are evil!!

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boymama82 · 02/08/2022 12:32

Omg the doctor prescribed these 3 weeks ago for severe neck pain and I'm now completely hooked. Feel awful when I take them and worse when I don't. Just been on a weeks holiday that they ruined cos I was asleep the whole time. I've had 2 this morning (50mg) and going to try to get through til morning before I have any more. My partner is going out to get me sominex later so I can sleep tonight, I need to get off them I feel bloody dreadful

OP posts:
MaitlandGirl · 02/08/2022 12:42

I took them for a back injury once (was on them for about a month) and it was horrendous. I was counting down the hours till my next dose and was really shaky and twitchy when it was almost due.

I ended up cutting the dose down by half every 2nd day and then cutting it out completely. I still felt awful but felt that tapering off was better than going cold Turkey.

Good luck, it’s tough but worth it.

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