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Chronic pain


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crazylady121 · 27/07/2022 09:42

I have suffered Fibro for quite a few years now.I manage my pain with Tumeric and the odd codomol if needed.I'm limited to what painkillers I can take as other health conditions.Luckily I'm a positive person so not hear to moan and complain,just ideas or advice .How do you manage yours??😊

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Cruisebabe · 31/07/2022 21:23

I use CBT oil in capsule form 10mg which helps with the inflammation of my muscles. Magnesium is another supplement I use as this helps with cramps and restless leg syndrome. I have also found a product called Fibro essentials by a company called Swanson.,these can be found on EBay for around £10 for 60 capsules. One a day is the usual dose. These act to help with the flare up problems.
Taking care of yourself and pacing daily activities are key to this. You have my full sympathy as I have been dealing with this horrible illness for around 20 years.

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