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Chronic pain

What painkillers if you can't have NSAIDs?

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AlternativelyWired · 23/07/2022 15:45

Ibuprofen and the like give me gastritis and make my asthma worse so I don't take them as a rule. I take paracetamol and dihydrocodeine 4 times a day and have done for years. Previously I've had pethidine and morphine and buprenorphine but the paracetamol and dihydrocodeine combo is what works best long term and causes me the least side effects.
I've currently got tonsillitis and my usual combo aren't cutting the throat and ear pain so I've had to reluctantly take ibuprofen. It's working so much better than the p&d. It really annoys me that I have to take opiates on a daily basis when something as simple and OTC works great for most of my pains. I should be ok with a few days of ibuprofen and I do take a high dose of Lansoprazole but anything more than about 4 days and I'll be in trouble. I wish scientists could invent something. I don't think there's been much process in analgesia in decades.
Does anyone else have this? What do you take?

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AlternativelyWired · 23/07/2022 15:46

My chronic pain is due to endometriosis and a back that's in spasm. I have knee pain and hip pain too. I can't imagine a life with no pain.

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Afterfire · 23/07/2022 15:48

I can’t take ibuprofen etc and I take paracetamol and Tramadol. I sometimes take Cocodamol 30/500 during the day instead of Tramadol as it helps to calm down any ibs flares as well as deal with my chronic pain. (Lupus, Addison’s, kidney issues etc).

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